New Doctor Who Logo Revealed

There's a new logo for Doctor Who in 2010

At the end of this year, we will see Matt Smith replace David Tennant as The Doctor, Stephen Moffat replace Russell T. Davies as head writer and executive producer and now the BBC has unveiled what will be the new logo for Doctor Who starting in 2010.

With everything becoming anew, they have also decided to change up the logo that has been with the show since its return in 2005. The simple, but memorable, logo we've become accustomed to will now be replaced with a more modern looking design featuring the letters DW forming the shape of Tardis.

The always wonderful Stephen Moffat had this to say about the new design.

"A new logo. The eleventh logo for the eleventh Doctor - those grand old words, Doctor Who, suddenly looking newer than ever. And look at that, something really new - an insignia! DW in TARDIS form!  Simple and beautiful, and most important of all, a completely irresistible doodle. I apologise to school notebooks everywhere, because in 2010 that's what they're going to be wearing."

As a fan of Doctor Who and someone that's not at all comfortable with change, I just don't know how much more I can take. I'm ecstatic about Stephen Moffat taking over the show because he is the mastermind behind all time my favorite Doctor Who episodes; "The Girl in the Fireplace," "Blink," "Silence in the Library," and "Forest of the Dead." Yet, I've still yet come to terms about David Tennant leaving.

Still, this new logo is pretty amazing. I love everything about the design. It's so simple that you can't believe they haven't done it earlier. I think this is one change I can definitely get behind. Also, you know what a new logo means? Oh yeah... a new opening sequence. I wonder if they'll keep the theme song or mess with that as well. With everything changing, nothing is safe.

Only a show like Doctor Who could release a 24 second trailer for a new logo and have me watch it more than once.  Check it out below.

On November 20th, the BBC will be running their annual Children In Need charity drive in which a special clip/trailer from Doctor Who is expected to air. No word yet if it will be from the "Waters of Mars" special or the two-part Christmas special, where we'll see David Tennant regenerate into Matt Smith.

What do you think? Are you happy with the new logo? Have you come to grips with Tennant leaving? What other changes do you think will be coming as we inch closer to the new series?

Let's hear it!

The second of the four Doctor Who specials, "Waters of Mars" is expected to air in the UK sometime in November. No word yet on when it will air on BBC America.

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