Darkseid Reveals DC's [Spoiler] is a Secret Old God

Warning: SPOILERS For Justice League Odyssey #1

The first issue of Justice League Odyssey has seen the tyrant New God Darkseid summon the Old Gods that reigned before him to save the DC Comics' multiverse. It's hard to say which is more unbelievable: an unashamed villain like Darkseid trying to save the universe... or that the Old Gods are Cyborg, Azrael, and Starfire.

Its hard to believe, but then, the unbelievable has become commonplace of late, as various ancient cosmic powers once lost to the DC Universe have begun to awaken. The build-up to this space oddity began in the Dark Nights: Metal event, where The Source Wall - the boundary between DC's entire universe and the next - was destroyed. This released strange powers into the universe, including The Omega Titans destined to destroy most of the great civilizations spread across the universe. An ad hoc team of heroes and villains defeated them in the Justice League: No Justice miniseries, but as Justice League Odyssey reveals, that was only the setup to an even bigger role for some of DC's fan-favorite heroes.

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Before the Omega Titans' defeat they managed to consume the planet Colu, Brainiac's homeworld. Since the heroes couldn't prevent its destruction, they could only free the various worlds which had been shrunken, and stored on the planet, suddenly restoring them to full size in a section of space now dubbed The Ghost Sector.

As Justice League Odyssey opens, the heroes Starfire and Cyborg are journeying to The Ghost Sector with a shared purpose, now that the dust has settled back home on Earth. Starfire seeks her lost people among the once-captive worlds, whereas Cyborg is tracking a strange signal that is only detectable by the more powerful than ever Mother Box which integrated into his systems. They are accompanied by the devout vigilante of the Batman family, Azrael, who claims that he has also heard a voice which commands him to go to The Ghost Sector.

The three heroes have all been drawn to this cluster of once-forgotten worlds: one through faith, one through mystical technology, and one through a longing for her people (and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, who is assigned to guard the sector). By the issue's end, it is revealed that the one calling was actually Darkseid. And for once, he's actually not springing a trap - but in need of their help.

Darkseid informs the three heroes of an ancient prophecy told to him by his father on Apokolips that the tyrant god has come to believe true. The prophecy speaks of the recently returned worlds, and how they were originally made to disappear because they all worshiped a trio of Old Gods from the time of The Third World. It seems to have been believed that the return of these worlds would act as a prelude to the return of The Old Gods themselves, and the establishment of a new age for the multiverse. It is then that Darkseid reveals that Starfire, Cyborg and Azrael are destined to become these Old Gods.

Naturally, the trio of heroes are skeptical, noting that Darkseid cannot be trusted to tell the truth, yet the nature of Darkseid's game is still in question. Is he telling the truth about the prophecy but hoping to exploit the heroes for his own dark purposes or is he lying about everything? Future issues of Justice League Odyssey will reveal the truth, but a plain-dealing Darkseid could be one more sign of how drastically the cosmic order is changing.Justice League Odyssey #1 is now available from DC Comics.

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