New Dark Knight Trailer? Psyche!

Ya know, viral movie campaigns are fun and all, but please don't start yanking our collective chain by making us think a new trailer will debut - and then have it not.

Based on the page that led to the reveal of the super-cool new poster for The Dark Knight, where at the bottom it said "Four Days," and that was, you guessed it: 4 days ago. Everyone knows there's a new trailer right around the corner so assumed that it would be showing up... but noooooo.

It was just a breadcrumb on the path to the actual trailer release date.

I'm both too busy and too lazy to dig up clues given through viral campaigns, so I just wait for other folks to band together to figure 'em out. This one comes from my pals over /Film. :-)

Above is the image that the next step in the viral campaign led everyone to, on this page:

So does that mean that we'll actually see the new trailer on Sunday? One can only hope.

There's some speculation that the new Dark Knight trailer may be attached to Iron Man, which opens this week, but there's nothing solid to back that up. As far as I know there will be a new trailer for The Incredible Hulk attached to Iron Man, but it would make more sense for this trailer to appear with Speed Racer, since they're both Warner Bros. movies.

I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer for the next bit of Batman goodness...

Source: /Film

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