New Dark Knight Poster And Trailer Update

[UPDATE: It's finally online! Check out the brand new Dark Knight trailer here!]

Why does it seem that all the really cool posters for movies are released in the overseas market? There's a new international poster out for The Dark Knight and it kicks the crap out of the recently released US version.

Sure, the US version was witty with the use of blood and the Batman logo to create a smiley Joker face... but it would have been a heck of a lot more effective if they hadn't already shown us what the Joker will look like in the movie.

Enough ranting, already. Check out the major coolness below.

So, is that cool or is that cool? I think it gives a real sense of the overwhelming task that lies before Batman. We're not talking about a little town... it's the equivalent of one man trying to fight crime in New York City.

As far as the trailer goes, right now it seems all the buzz is over the six minute clip from the film that will be shown with the IMAX version of I Am Legend. I'll be seeing both the clip and the movie in IMAX tomorrow night and I think I'm more excited about the six minute preview than I am about the movie it's attached to. :-)

Don't forget that if you can't get to an IMAX theater, you'll get to see the first full trailer for The Dark Knight on regular screens. The word is that the trailer will be online early next week at the official site for the movie, so keep an eye out for it.

Official Site:

Source: /Film

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