New 'Crazies' Trailer Ups The Creepy Factor

A couple of months ago, we brought you the first trailer for Breck Eisner directed remake of George Romero’s horror movie The Crazies. It was long on style and short on substance and the use of Gary Jules’ great song Mad World as a musical backdrop just didn’t really work. My guess is they choose it just based on the title and I seriously doubt the song will be on the soundtrack.

Now Eisner has released another trailer exclusively with Yahoo! Movies (you can head over there if you want to see the HD version).

The Crazies takes place in Ogden Marsh, Iowa. The type of small town where everyone knows their neighbors and they all show up to watch the high school baseball game. Everything is built off Main Street where (I'll just bet you) there is only one stop light and it’s blinking yellow and red after midnight. Timothy Olyphant is Sheriff David and he quickly starts to realize that there is something seriously wrong with his town. The Crazies also stars Joe Anderson (The Ruins), Danielle Panabaker (The Ward), and Radha Mitchell (Surrogates).

Enjoy the trailer right here:

I like this trailer for The Crazies a whole lot more than I did the first one. This one has an actual creepy vibe to it by using its story instead of relying on an improperly placed song to set the tone. Creepy scene #1 – two girls in (what appears to be) a deserted town saying in a whisper, “Screaming.” Creepy scene #2 – a bloody pitch fork being dragged down the hospital hallway. Creepy scene #3 – a cop car going through the car wash with the occupants thinking they made it just to realize there is a “crazy” on top followed by a cut scene of the girl being pulled out of the window.

Say what you want, but I like the simplicity of the pitch fork scene. That kind of stuff really creeps me out. I’m hoping that Timothy Olyphant really nails this film because I thoroughly enjoy his performances in Hitman, Die Hard 4 and this summer’s A Perfect Getaway.

What did you think about this trailer for The Crazies - and what do you think makes a horror movie creepy?

The Crazies get in your head February 26, 2010.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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