New Captain Marvel Poster Reveals the Double Life of Carol Danvers

A new poster for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain Marvel reveals the double life of Carol Danvers. Captain Marvel has been around for just as long as other popular superheroes, with the character first appearing in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 in December 1967; however, while Captain Marvel has been featured in several animated adventures over the years, 2019 will mark her first live-action debut.

Marvel announced Captain Marvel back in 2014 and cast Brie Larson as Carol Danvers two years later. Since then there has been a lot of buzz revolving around Marvel's first female-led superhero adventure. Both the first Captain Marvel trailer and the teaser poster have been out for a few months now, leading to a multitude of fan theories surrounding the upcoming movie. Now, following the release of other marketing materials like Captain Marvel Funko Pops, a prequel comic book, and a line of Marvel Legends figures, a brand new poster has also been revealed.

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First released on the official Captain Marvel Twitterthe newest poster for the upcoming MCU film teases the double life of Danvers. The poster features a glowing Carol Danvers, while fighter jets soar on her left and alien spaceships fly on her right. The poster doesn't reveal much about the actual plot of the film, but again teases the two separate lives of Danvers that will be depicted in the film. The tweet also confirms that the next Captain Marvel trailer will indeed premiere during ESPN's coverage of Monday Night Football on December 3, 2018.

Aside from the mystery of whether Danvers' Earth-based memories are real or not, Captain Marvel has also kept the identity of Jude Law's character a secret. Since he was cast in Captain Marvel, Law has been quiet about what character he is actually playing. Initial reports claimed he was playing the character Mar-Vell, but both Marvel and Law will neither confirm nor deny this. Even with the aforementioned Funko Pops, Law's character is just called Star Commander, which is on par with the mystery surrounding his character.

While more story details will likely be released when the second trailer is released tomorrow night, this new poster reiterates that Danvers' double life will play an important role in Captain Marvel. As with most Marvel movies, many elements of Captain Marvel have remained a secret, but with the film releasing in a little over three months, more details surrounding the film can be expected to surface soon.

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