New Call of Duty Blackout Map Releasing for PlayStation 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is continuing its post-release content and dropping a brand new map into its Blackout battle royale mode. Taking gamers to the shores of San Francisco, the aptly named "Alcatraz" enters the crumbling confines of the world-famous prison.

As attention turns to 2019's Call of Duty game and Infinity Ward takes the reins, Treyarch is still working hard on the Black Ops 4 multiplayer experience. Don't worry, though, as the announcement of Alcatraz and its zombie-packed halls isn't an April's Fool joke.

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With an action-packed trailer, the official Call of Duty Twitter also shared the new map and showcased what fans can expect from Alcatraz. Coming to the PlayStation 4 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on April 2, it isn't just another locale on the expansive Blackout map. Alcaraz's official description reads:

"The new Blackout Alcatraz map is set in a fog-filled island boasting a variety of environments that all lead up to the big cellhouse atop the hill. Requiring new strategies and tactics, players will drop in, gear up and fight through both close-quarters combat and long-range exterior firefights as they battle to be the last squad standing."

Call of Duty Alcatraz Map

While some are still skeptical of Alcatraz's legitimacy, it's important to note that shots of the new map appear at the end of Operation Grand Heist trailer, and it has been part of press releases from Activision earlier today. Representing the game's first post-launch battle royale map, there's a whole new world to explore and plenty of unique features to come to grips with. Eagle-eyed gamers will also notice a fleeting glimpse of Peter Stormare's Replacer applauding from behind bars.

Although the map looks relatively small in overhead view, Call of Duty fans should at least be pleased that parts of the Alcatraz-based "Mob of the Dead" and "Blood of the Dead" maps appear to be part of Black Ops 4's latest update. There's currently no news on how many players Alcatraz can hold, but with its confined quarters, expect it to be less than the 100 players that duke it out in standard Blackout.

The addition of a new map means that players can now choose from Blackout or Alcatraz when entering battle royale. The new strategies innovated by the existence of Alcatraz should mix up gameplay for those who want to try something a little different, though, which is always a good thing for a game looking to extend the life of its online services and relevancy. Alongside no clear indication whether Alcatraz will be tied to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Battle Pass, there's no news on when Alcatraz will be coming to other platforms. For now, PS4 owners get to try out the perilous prison on their own starting tomorrow.

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