New Beowulf Trailer


There's a new trailer out for Beowulf. After seeing 300, I still can't help but feel that the king in this movie is channeling King Leonidas...

And again, based on the Comic-Con footage, the first trailer and now this one, I still cannot fathom how they can cut this down to a PG-13 and have it be any good. It just looks like it should pull out all the stops and go for the R-rating. I mean heck, look at the aforementioned 300: That was rated R and still made bucketloads of money.

Anyway, on to the new trailer.




width="480" height="241">

There's still just a touch of "House of Wax" to the closeups, especially Robin Wright-Penn who looks more like a character out of a Pixar movie to me.

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