New Beowulf Footage... Uh Oh

There's been a lot of online discussion regarding the upcoming CGI motion capture movie Beowulf by Robert Zemeckis. While there was some great buzz about it this summer based on the 3D footage shown at the San Diego Comic-Con, for the most part since then people haven't exactly been talking this one up. Much of the discussion has been centered on the attempt at photorealistic CGI characters, which although it has progressed leaps and bounds, still has a creepy, living-dead quality to it.

Of course there's also been the controversy surrounding the bizarre decision to release red-band trailers for a movie that will be rated PG-13 (wierdest marketing ever). I've commented here previously that I think this mixed-message promotion will come back and bit them in the butt. I've also stated that really the primary reason I plan on seeing the film is for the one-two punch combo of IMAX and 3D. Visually, for folks that check out the movie in that venue I think Beowulf is going to blow people away.

But does that mean the movie, as a whole, will be any good? Not necessarily, and this latest bit of footage really, really scares me... and not in a horror movie kind of way.

Check out this scene from the film where Beowulf fights sea monsters:

I don't know about you, but I don't think the narration in that scene could be any cheesier. Seriously... that sounded like it came from a really awful B-movie. The visuals are pretty cool, but that voiceover.... damn.

Or is it just me?

For higher res versions of this footage go to Yahoo! Movies.

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