New Batman Game Officially Teased By Arkham Origins Developer

New Batman Game Tease WB Montreal Court Owls League Assassins

A new Batman game from Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal has been officially teased by the company's Twitter account earlier today, cementing the speculation that a new title was going to be announced soon. WB Montreal already teased a potential announcement this past weekend while celebrating Batman Day, using a Bat Signal to project the hero's famous logo onto the company's building and leading many fans to believe that an announcement on a new Batman game was imminent.

The Arkham series is widely regarded as one of the best superhero video game franchises of all time, and was, for a long period, the de facto best - prior to the release of Spider-Man on PS4 by Insomniac Games. Arkham Origins isn't featured in that trilogy, but developed many of the innovative systems that made it famous. The Arkham series recently went up on the Epic Games Store for free to celebrate Batman Day as well in what could have been yet another hint that a major announcement regarding that series, or at least the Arkham universe, was coming. While the final game in the Arkham trilogy was also, unfortunately, regarded by many as its worst, that didn't mean it was anything short of compelling, and it left many fans eagerly awaiting the next game - one that might be made by WB Montreal, who developed Arkham Origins and laid the foundation for the trilogy's success afterward.

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That game appears to be coming sooner rather than later, according to an official tease from WB Montreal on Twitter earlier today. The company shared a tweet that suggested fans "Capture the Knight" while also uploading a gif that cycles through several mysterious symbols that seem to hint about the direction of the new game. By all accounts, it appears that the upcoming Batman game will feature several different organizations attempting to capture the Dark Knight, although none of the symbols line up with groups that have been seen in the video game series thus far. It's also possible the logos are a general progression from a group that has slowly evolved, given how similar the logos all seem until the final one, which is a dramatic change.

Rumors about the upcoming Batman game have suggested that it will feature the Court of Owls and League of Assassins at war with each other, which could be supported by the different logos at play here. It's an incredibly cryptic announcement, but it's a huge one nonetheless, as the next Batman game from WB Montreal has been something fans have been waiting for over the course of several years at this point.

Without a clear trailer to go on, it's difficult to speculate exactly what "Capture the Knight" will mean for the overall theme of the game. WB Montreal Batman has typically been a gritty, visceral experience that doesn't shy away from the darker themes of the franchise, so fans can at least expect more of the same in that regard. One thing is certain, however - WB Montreal just made one of the biggest announcements of the fall video game cycle, and fans should prepare themselves for the next glimpse of an exciting new Batman game soon.

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Source: WB Games Montreal/Twitter

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