New Batman And Joker Images From The Dark Knight

[UPDATE: Images removed by request of Warner Bros. legal department. Sorry, guys.]

You may have already seen these, but here's another look at the Joker from The Dark Knight and probably the most detailed look yet at the new batsuit.

Ain't it Cool News found the images on the Spanish language site The images above are a bit different from the other versions floating around the web. Those have a stark white background and I thought Batman and Joker would look better against black.

Click on either of the links above or on the image to see more pics of the Joker.

I'm liking the Joker and while I like the new batsuit and the fact that he can finally turn his head due to the new neck piece, I have to say that having the narrower neck makes him look less menacing. The problem is that visually a thick neck running up to the head implies bulk and strength, while having a narrower neck makes the character look more like a bobble head.

Or is it just me?

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