New Ant-Man and the Wasp Images Give Best Look At Villain Ghost

A new batch of images from Ant-Man and the Wasp give us our best look yet at Marvel's newest villain, Ghost. This year's final MCU entry may look like a laid-back affair more focused on laughs and character beats than world-ending threats, but there's more going on under the surface. The marketing so far has only hinted at certain aspects like the Quantum Realm and the movie's true villain, but more and more is emerging and painting an interesting picture. For one, rescuing Janet could have dire consequences that our heroes haven't anticipated. And those could be tied into the mysterious Ghost.

Marvel have tweaked Ghost a bit from the comics, but the character certainly looks like she was pulled straight from the page. What's more, Ghost will have her comic book powers of invisibility and intangibility. Beyond that, it's not clear what her motivations are or even if she'll retain the anti-corporate hacked M.O. from the source material. All told, we haven't seen or heard much from the supposed big bad of the film - until now.

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With the embargo lifted on our recent Ant-Man and the Wasp set visit, we know a great deal more about the film and its plot. Our report also showed off some new behind-the-scenes images from the movie, but Ghost and actor Hannah John-Kamen were absent from those. Luckily, Marvel have saved some of the best new images from the film for today, and they're all about Ghost.

Though we've seen some of these shots in trailers, getting a clear look at the villain shows just how intricate and interesting the suit is. It's assumed that will be the source of the villain's powers, just like in the comics. Meanwhile, we get two images of John-Kamen unmasked as the Ghost, something that's never happened on the page. And then there's the action scenes, including one where Ghost and the Wasp fight over Hank Pym's new portable lab as Giant Man looms large.

Ghost's true role in the story is unknown, so there's a good chance a big reveal or twist will revolve around the character when the film is finally released. Of course, our theory is that the original Wasp is now a villain after her time in the Quantum Realm, and Ghost will merely be an antagonist who turns out to be more heroic than we've been led to believe. After all, the character from the comics is something of an anti-hero and has shifted allegiances may times.

Regardless of what takes place in the movie, these new shots shine a lot on one of the big mysteries of the movie. Beyond Ghost, we still know very little about Janet van Dyne and the Quantum Realm, though our set visit report is packed with some interesting teases. With any luck, the next round of images will give us more insight into those aspects of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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