10 Things We Need to Find Out in Season 2 of New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam seems like "just another medical drama" to critics. Maybe answering these questions in Season 2 will drum up better ratings.

Just when you thought there was no more room on the primetime TV schedule for yet another medical drama, in came New Amsterdam in late 2018. Starring Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman, the series is about Dr. Max Goodwin (Eggold), the incoming medical director of a public hospital called New Amsterdam who makes sweeping changes in the name of providing proper health care while battling his own cancer diagnosis.

The series, based on the book Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital by Eric Manheimer, hasn’t exactly been well-reviewed by critics. Nonetheless, it has been renewed for a second season, which is set to debut on September 24, 2019.

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And with season 1 ending with a massive cliff hanger, there’s a lot that viewers want to know about the outcome of (spoiler alert) a major accident.

So with fair warning of spoilers alerts ahead, here are 10 things we need to find out in season 2.

10 Did Dr. Bloom Survive?

As viewers know, the first season ended with happy news when baby Luna and mom Georgia both miraculously survived a ruptured placenta and emergency C-section birth at home. But then, en route to the hospital, the ambulance is struck by another ambulance, stolen by a lawyer who escaped police custody. The ambulance flips, bodies are everywhere. The fate of many people is in question.

We do see a clearly badly injured Dr. Bloom on the ground as paramedics quickly attend to her, trying to do CPR. But that’s how it ends. Did she survive? After completing rehab and deciding not to return to New Amsterdam, it would be easy to write the character out. She only appeared sparingly, if at all, in the later episodes. But she saved both Georgia and baby Luna. Was this her final heroic act?

9 Will Georgia Be OK?

Another pressing question about the aforementioned crash: did Georgia survive? We see her being taken out on the stretcher and she seems to be in surprisingly stable condition.

But will she really be OK? It would be cruel if Max has been worried all along that he would be leaving Georgia to care for Luna on her own, then he ends up being left to care for her solo instead. What’s more, how would he even take care of a baby while serving as medical director and battling cancer? Bottom line: we need Georgia to live.

8 Is Doctor Helen Sharpe Dead?

Given the major cliff hanger ending, most of the questions we need answers to in season 2 relate to whether someone is dead or alive. And the biggest question mark is on Dr. Sharpe. While we saw everyone else in some capacity or another, we did not see her at all after the accident. We did see a body being covered by a blanket. Could this have been Dr. Sharpe? Or was it a driver or paramedic from the ambulance?

The show creators have confirmed that a major character died, so it’s possible it’s her or Dr. Bloom. Dr. Sharpe seems so integral to the plot, though, that we can’t imagine her being killed off.

7 Will Max And Dr. Sharpe Have An Affair?

There was weird tension between Max and Dr. Sharpe through the last few episodes of the show. But it’s tough to tell if it’s romantic, sexual, or just a deep friendship. Nonetheless, it seemed on many occasions that Dr. Sharpe was having a hard time defining or recognizing her feelings for Max.

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While Max seems deeply devoted to Georgia, could he somehow fall for the woman who has been caring for and treating him during his battle with cancer? Is there something more than friendship and mutual respect between these two? We’ll have to wait and see.

6 Will Dr. Panthaki Break Up With Dr. Sharpe?

Dr. Panthaki is head over heels for Dr. Sharpe, and they seem to be great together. But there’s clearly something missing. And Dr. Sharpe seems more devoted to Max then she does to her romantic relationship. Her canceling a trip to stay back and take on Max’s care once again seemed to be the last straw, and the last thing we saw from Dr. Panthaki was him simply walking out, seething.

Will their relationship last? First, of course, we need to know if Dr. Sharpe is even alive. But if so, it seems she will have to choose between her romantic love with Dr. Panthaki and her love for Max.

5 Will Dr. Frome Become A New Kind Of Psychiatrist?

After Dr. Frome was questioned regarding his tactics, which often include developing personal relationships with his patients, he begins to question his own abilities. And he struggled with defining his position at the hospital with his belief that he needs to develop a personal connection with his patients.

After he realizes that he might be helping his patients while also preventing them from being able to open up to others, he decides to change the way he treats them. Will he find a new way that still allows him to be himself? He was still figuring this out in season 1, so season 2 should provide some interesting new storylines for the character.

4 What Happened To Dr. Kapoor And His Relationship With His Son?

One of the bigger storylines with Dr. Kapoor was following his strained relationship with his son, a recovering addict and aspiring restaurateur. The last we saw of him, his son was upset when he learned his father gave Dora, a female friend, money to help treat her sick dog when he refused to give him money to help with his business ventures. So he purposely befriended Dora to make dad jealous.

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We haven’t seen him since and haven’t seen much of Dora either. Is this storyline abandoned or might something more come of this down the line?

3 Will Max Continue As Medical Director Of New Amsterdam?

A horrific car crash, almost losing his baby, almost or possibly losing his wife, and almost or possibly losing a friend/co-worker (or two) would be enough to warrant some serious time off for even the most career-minded person. But add to this that Max is also severely ill with cancer, either not responding to treatment or taking too high a dosage such that he can barely function, and it’s a wonder he has lasted this long.

Will he continue as medical director of New Amsterdam? At worst, Dr. Sharpe is dead and at best, she’s badly hurt. So we can’t see either of them taking the helm any time soon. Who might step in for the interim?

2 Will Luna Be OK?

Thankfully, the final episode, appropriately titled “Luna” did show us that the baby is still very much alive. In the final shots of the season finale, after the accident, Max is seen in shock, still cradling a crying but seemingly OK baby Luna.

So we know that dad and daughter are OK. But will Luna really be OK? Is there something we can’t see? Either way, if she’s alive and mom and dad are both hospitalized, who will take care of her until one (or both) of  them is better?

1 Will Max Survive Cancer?

Of course, the biggest over-arching question of the series is whether Max will survive cancer or not. Given that he’s the main character on the series, it would be hard to imagine it continuing without him.

That said, he is battling throat cancer, and doing experimental treatments since chemotherapy hasn’t worked. Will he find a miraculous treatment that cures him? Or will the next season be more about him fighting and trying different treatments while continuing to try and be medical director, and now also a father? It seems like a lot to take on so we hope he’s finally in remission some time in season 2.

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