New Alice in Wonderland Trailer [Updated]

Update: We now also have the International trailer for Alice In Wonderland!

When the first teaser trailer (prematurely) hit the web for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, I was very excited because not only was it our first proper look at Burton and long-time collaborator, Johnny Depp's next film together, but it's one of the classic fictional tales brought to life with a director who couldn't be more perfect for the job.

I did find the trailer a tad obvious in that it showed many instances where the footage was just in there for the gimmicky 3D effect (such as Depp's The Mad Hatter throwing the carpet towards the screen). But I guess that's nitpicking on my part.

Five months and some images and posters later, and we now have a new trailer for Alice In Wonderland which has just surfaced online. This one gives us a better look at a lot of the characters - definitely a helluva of a lot more of Depp as The Mad Hatter - and they all look great.

I particularly got a kick out of seeing more of Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen ("Off with their heads!") and The Cheshire Cat, voiced by the brilliant Stephen Fry.

Check out the trailer below and enjoy:

Update: Have a look at the new International Trailer for Alice In Wonderland:

In case you missed some of that (it's a pretty fast paced trailer with a lot going on), the good folks over at /Film have taken the time to snap a whopping 40 stills from the trailer and post them to give us a better look at specific images from it. I've included a few below (click each for larger versions):

Alice in Wonderland Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter

For the rest of the huge 40 image gallery you can over to /Film.

It's amazing how Depp is able to put his mark on every strange role he takes on (particularly in Burton's films), simultaneously making you feel like you're seeing him as an actor once again but also disappearing into the role. He's got the mannerisms of The Mad Hatter down to a tee, even if his "Joker-esque" demeanor is noticeable.

I've said it before but I really can't think of a more perfect match to the source material than Burton - I've been wanting a new version of Alice in Wonderland for years now, and whenever I thought of who could direct it I always came back to Burton. When they announced his directing it I was over the moon, and by the looks of all we've seen so far, including this new trailer, he's absolutely nailed it.

Thoughts on the latest Alice in Wonderland trailer? Do you think Burton is the perfect match for this material or is there someone else out there who would have been the more suited choice (I certainly can't think of one!)?

Alice in Wonderland's huge cast includes Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Mia Wasikowska, Anne Hathaway, Crispin Glover, Stephen Fry, Matt Lucas, Michael Sheen, Christopher Lee, and Alan Rickman. It hits theaters on March 5th, 2010.

Sources: TrailerAddict and /Film

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