Netflix: 10 New Additions You Should Watch This November

With Bob and David - What to Watch on Netflix November

Netflix is great. It gives you nearly unlimited content to watch any time you want. Between its original offerings, well-known movies and television shows, as well as more obscure indie choices and documentaries, Netflix makes it simple to sit in front of your TV or rest your laptop on your stomach until it burns you.

Although, that’s where things get complicated. Because of the seemingly limitless options that Netflix provides us, those of us who aren’t simply trying to get through House of Cards or Breaking Bad are left paralyzed by choice, unable to decide whether we should finally dive into our queue or browse through the dozens of new options that Netflix adds each month.

But don’t worry, because Screen Rant is finally here to sort through Netflix’s new releases in any given month and tell you the 10 New Additions to Netflix You Should Watch This November.

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Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones
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10 Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 1 (November 20)

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones

After dipping its toe in the waters with this year’s Daredevil and being rewarded with a gold medal in swimming, Marvel and Netflix are continuing their great experiment with part two; and this time we’re getting the story of little known superhero Jessica Jones. Staying at street level in Hell’s Kitchen, Jessica Jones stars Krysten Ritter as the titular noir detective, struggling equally with her past as a superhero and her inability to pay the rent in her new gig, as a private detective.

While the series will introduce fan favorite hero Luke Cage – before he’s dropped into his own Netflix show – look for Season 1 to take on its own storyline and set up the same dark tone as Daredevil. Though all four planned Marvel Netflix shows – the last being Iron Fist – will culminate in a Defenders miniseries that will team all four heroes together, Jessica Jones is the true test of Marvel’s plan here, with tons of geek appeal but not nearly the same amount of mass appeal as a well-known character like Daredevil.

If Daredevil was to the Marvel Netflix Universe as Iron Man was to the MCU, then here’s hoping Jessica Jones – which dumps all its episodes in 4K later this month - is more Thor than The Incredible Hulk.

9 Master of None: Season 1 (November 6)

Master of None Netflix

What happened to all the great comedies, you wonder? Well, I’ll tell you. Parks and Rec went off the air last year and since then TV’s pretty much been in a comedy dead-zone. Brooklyn Nine-Nine and this year’s The Grinder notwithstanding, it’s been a while since a great new comedy came along, but that’s all set to change with Aziz Ansari’s Master of None.

Resembling a Louie that’s actually fun(ny), Ansari’s new show is as auteur-driven as they come, focusing on the material from Ansari’s book, Modern Romance, as well as his various Netflix specials, to bring viewers a show about life and dating in the 21st century. The first (original) cast member to be back with their own show since Parks, Aziz Ansari’s energy and unique perspective should be right at home on Netflix, giving current and new fans alike a reason to binge like crazy, then regret their decisions immediately upon realizing that aside from Master of None there’s no good comedies to watch.

8 People Places Things (November 15)

People Places Things - What to Watch on Netflix November

Has it been a while since you fired up a charming indie drama starring a quirky former TV star? Do you crave your stories to be told using a micro-budget, and made by a writer-director with an eye for dramedic (that’s comedic and dramatic) flare? Well then, People Places Things is the movie for you. And to those of you who answered no to any of the above questions, hopefully someone sits you down and forces you to watch People, Places, Things because you could learn a thing or two about good movies.

Starring Jemaine Clement, one half of the Flight of the Conchords duo, People Places Things plays as that perfect film you would throw on Netflix during a rainy Sunday afternoon, unsure of what you’re in for yet delightfully pleased by the time you’re through. Filled with a stellar performance by Clement and a refreshingly hopeful script by writer-director James C. Strouse, People Places Things is the type of gem you’d find buried among your recommendations, making you thank Netflix and realizing why you keep paying them to tell you what to watch.

7 Do I Sound Gay? (November 3rd)

Do I Sound Gay - What to Watch on Netflix November

You know those days when you sit down to watch something and you just can’t decide between watching some movie you aren’t really interested in versus seeing another episode of that show you’re not crazy about? Then, in a haze of laziness and desperation, you throw on some obscure Netflix documentary about a topic you don’t know anything about, and ten minutes in you’re hooked? Well, today (or more accurately, November 3rd) can be that day!

Do I Sound Gay? is a gem of a documentary that explores the stereotype of the “gay voice.” With interviews by renowned celebrities discussing a topic that is surprisingly filled with depth and emotion, Do I Sound Gay? checks off all the necessary boxes of a great Netflix documentary. By the end of it, you’ll have learned something new about a topic that’s not often talked about and you’ll have been entertained by a movie that’s impossible to hate. And that’s more than you could say about drowning in another episode of that show you don’t really like.

6 The Red Road: Season 2 (November 23)

jason mamoa red road 10 underrated tv series on netflix

If the Sundance Channel hit a home run with Rectify – which it did – then it hit a double with The Red Road; which is still great, because there aren’t too many home runs in television. When The Red Road premiered last year it was a pretty good show on a pretty great channel. With its second season, the ante has been upped and the show is firing on all cylinders, providing fans with a beautifully brooding slow burn show to satisfy the taste buds that Rectify arguably started salivating.

Though The Red Road is no high octane thriller, it’s a great show to throw between almost any other show, as its pacing and character work provide a nice change from your everyday drama. Considering that the Sundance Channel is establishing a brand of glacial paced shows packed with indie sensibilities, great writing, and fantastic acting, The Red Road is a perfect fit for both the network, and for fans of well-made TV.

5 The Runner (November 5)

The Runner Nicolas Cage - What to Watch on Netflix November

Sometimes you just wanna turn on Netflix and watch something ridiculous, and when that mood strikes, a Nicolas Cage movie generally hits the spot. So the good news is, Netflix is adding a new Nic Cage movie this month, and this time it’s something you’ve never even heard of.

The Runner was apparently released on August 7, 2015, which makes its Netflix appearance all the more strange. Though the movie should hopefully fulfill everyone’s twice-yearly urge to hear Cage scream and pronounce lines with unfathomable inflection choices, that’s about all we know about it. The only information we’ve seen on the movie comes courtesy of its Wikipedia page, which claims its set “In the aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill, (as) an idealistic but flawed politician (Nicolas Cage, obviously!) is forced to confront his dysfunctional life after his career is destroyed in a sex scandal."

Yup. Definitely sounds like this is a movie that exists, and one that is in fact starring Nicolas Cage. Let’s all watch with intrigue and amazement!

4 John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid (November 13)

John Mulaneye: Comeback Kid - What to Watch on Netflix November

Although you may now know John Mulaney solely because of his critically panned Fox sitcom Mulaney, you’re better off forgetting about that unfortunate detour in his career and focusing on this stand-up special; John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid.

Sure, he failed at TV, but "comeback" is literally in the title, here, and a comedian as self-effacing and clever as John Mulaney isn’t going to hold anything back. Mulaney’s blend of well-dressed charm, nice-guy optimism, and originality – mixed with dashes of cynicism and a renegade personality here and there – should fit well within the Netflix pantheon. While Netflix has been killing it in the stand-up special game recently, overtaking HBO as the home for every special worth watching, Mulaney’s new special looks to be no different, and will hopefully be the latest in a streak of brought-to-you-by-Netflix greatness.

3 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (November 1)

Spongebob Squarepants - What to Watch on Netflix November

Sometimes you just want to relive pure bliss and watch the movies of your childhood. In that case – even if The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie came too late to be an official part of your childhood – it still holds up as an amazingly funny and competent film that bottles everything there is to love about the SpongeBob TV show and throws it up onto the big screen; or whatever screen you’re streaming it on.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, from 2004, is actually a cartoon (with some live-action) and not a weirdly CG hybrid thing that was made to pander to modern kids’ sensibilities with their blue hover-boards and whatnot. The film proves that good old fashioned cartoon fun is just as viable today as it ever was, and sometimes nothing can make you happier than the sound of a yellow square sponge-man laughing.

2 Ultimate Spider-Man: Season 3 (November 23)

Ultimate Spider-Man TV - What to Watch on Netflix November

Speaking of modern kids and their blue hover-boards and whatnot, Ultimate Spider-Man came along to replace Spectacular Spider-Man when Marvel got the TV rights back to the wallcrawler, and in doing so the show threw out everything fans loved about Spectacular and replaced it with a kid-friendly and ultimately tame series. By aiming for a more youthful demographic, Ultimate Spider-Man’s early seasons featured weird humor, slick yet hollow animation, and a ton of Marvel crossovers – but ultimately (see what we did there?) it didn’t deliver anything as great as the Spider-Man cartoons of years past.

If there’s a silver lining here, it’s that the show has gotten better since its debut, and its new place in the Marvel universe feels truly right – complete with a Phil Coulson voiced by Clark Gregg and a J.J. Jameson voiced by the one and only J.J. Jameson, J.K. Simmons. So if your life is desperately missing some brand new animated Spider-Man, then Netflix has you covered in the form of Ultimate Spider-Man. Just know that it’s more Ultimate than it used to be, but still not quite Spectacular.

1 With Bob and David: Season 1 (November 13)

With Bob and David - What to Watch on Netflix November

Go ahead and watch Mr. Show’s original HBO run and you’ll see an experimentally weird show starring two people who would later go on to strike it huge. But now that they are huge – the they in question being Bob Odenkirk and David Cross – they’re back doing absurdist sketch comedy on a popular platform to a world that now appreciates absurdist sketch comedy and popular platforms. It’s all very “in,” and Netflix’s With Bob and David looks to capitalize on all the weirdness by unrelentingly staying weird and letting their humor appeal to whomever the hell wants to watch it, and no one else.

With With Bob and David, Bob and David are ready to send you on a comedic journey as unpredictable as the beginning of this sentence. Viewers should prepare for a show that is rewarding purely because of how unrewarding it all tries to be; and in 2015 – with laugh-track filled sitcoms and endless seasons of zombie shows taking over their airwaves – that’s as purely refreshing as anything on TV – or Netflix – could ever hope to be.


Is there anything you're excited for that's coming to Netflix this month? Anything you hope will be coming in the near future? Sound off in the comments below!

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