The A-Team To Feature Members of Original A-Team?

For me, the most exciting part of the cast for Joe Carnahan's film adapation of The A-Team is the addition of Sharlto Copley (District 9) who's playing the most challenging role of the team as Capt. 'Howling Mad' Murdock. I think he's absolutely perfect for the role and from everything we've heard about him on set for this and his debut role in D-9, it looks like it's true.

Do you know who agrees with me? Well, the original Murdock of course, played by Dwight Schultz, who has seen Copley's screen test describing it as "brilliant beyond words." Better yet, Schultz will be appearing in the movie in a cameo role and is already on set in Vancouver.

See the report from the official Dwight Schultz fansite below.

We have received many questions if Dwight will have a cameo part in the A-team movie. We are pleased to inform you all that Dwight has actually already been working in Vancouver, where he has played a cameo role in The A-Team movie. Sharlto Copely, the South African actor who plays Murdock, is according to Dwight: 'brilliant beyond words'. Dwight has seen his screen test and he stated: that honestly, if Sharlto is given an opportunity to do what I saw in that test, "Murdock" will be better than ever!' Sharlto has been very kind to him on the set and Dwight must say that he has been treated very well.

I like the idea of Schultz playing a cameo role and it's a nice throw back for fans of the original show. With him on board, is it possible that we see cameos from Mr. T. and Dirk Benedict as well? Unfortunately, George Peppard (the original Hannibal) passed away in 15 years ago as it would of been neat to see all four have guest appearance but they can still make do.Not having Mr.T seems like a missed opportunity to me although I'd admit to see two characters like B.A. Baracus in the film.

Don't forget to check out the first image of The A-Team as well as the on-set interviews that Screen Rant put up recently.

What do you think of Dwight Schultz appearing in the film and would you like to see the other two make a guest appearance as well?

The A-Team opens in theaters June 11, 2010.

Source:  Official Dwight Schultz Fansite via Cinematical

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