New Clip from '9': Battle of the Flying Beast

A kind Screen Rant reader put us onto the latest clip from the upcoming Tim Burton / Shane Acker / Timur Bekmambetov CGI animated epic, 9, and I can say with all honesty that this is the best clip from the film that I've seen so far.

The last clip from 9 that we saw featured the movie's living rag doll protagonists being ambushed by a chilling Frankentech monster. This latest clip features pretty much the same scenario, only with a different Frankentech beast and much more action. Check it out:


The clip really succeeds in highlighting the world of the film, in which these little rag dolls are the sole keepers of life, stranded in a world that has been all but decimated by technology run amok. And just like in 9 creator Shane Acker's original animated short, this clips shows off the wonderful amount of imagination that went into transforming our everyday world into an entire new reality (via the Honey I Shrunk The Kids method).

I love how everyday household items have become weaponry and armor - or even pieces of anatomy for the Frakentech beasts. Everything about the look and function of the characters (good and evil) and their interactions with their environment boasts a certain sort of familiarity and logic, while still managing to feel new and magical.

The visuals alone are enough to sell me on this film; the fact that it's "dark" enough to have earned a PG-13 rating (that the studio isn't shying away from) only makes me more excited. Even after all the coverage of 9 we've done here at Screen Rant, I still feel like the film isn't generating a big enough buzz; at the same time, I feel like once it's released, word of mouth could potentially give this movie serious legs. I hope so: I would love for 9 to become a successful franchise.

If you'd like to find out more about the world of 9, you should definitely go here.

9 will be released on 9-9-09. Let us know what you thought about the clip.

Source: You Tube via The 9 Forum

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