New 3.5 Minute Avatar Trailer Coming This Friday

You may remember the first teaser trailer for a little film called Avatar that premiered online a couple of months ago, causing quite a stir both in the split opinion about the trailer itself, as well as some initial difficulties in actually being able to view it on Around these parts we were on the positive side of the fence, and put any flaws the Avatar trailer may have had down to the fact that it was meant to be seen on as big a screen as possible and not on a computer screen.

Our first proper look at Avatar was, in the end, an extended teaser, basically hinting at the visuals that are to come ("This is great," was the extent of the dialogue). But those wanting a better feel for the story need not fret - a new trailer is on its way. The guys over at have learned from 20th Century Fox that a new 3.5 minute trailer will start to be shown in theaters this Friday, October 23rd.

Unfortunately, the new Avatar trailer is not scheduled to appear online until almost a week later, on October 29th, but like the first teaser, I don't expect online is where the trailer will work best; ComingSoon says it is, "THE trailer, the one that will show you much more story" I'm definitely glad to hear that - we've got a good idea of what the visuals will end up being, now I wanna' see the story.

We heard word of more trailers coming soon at the end of last month, where the guys over at Market Saw managed to talk to someone heavily involved in the marketing for Avatar who said that, "there are more trailers than I can count on 2 hands," referring to TV spots and featurettes as well as proper trailers. Amongst other things, it was revealed that on top of finding out about the story, we'll also see more of the cast, including Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang, as well as concentration on "the incredible performance that Sam Worthington gives as Jake."

The interesting thing to note is not the fact that we'll soon be getting a new "better" Avatar trailer (wasn't it inevitable?), but the fact that it'll be three and a half minutes long. If you've been keeping up with all the Avatar news, you remember "Avatar Day" back in August, where across the world approximately 20 minutes of footage was shown from the movie in  IMAX 3D, the form it was developed for. Add that to this upcoming 3.5 minute trailer and it shows that director James Cameron isn't shy of showing a fair bit of footage to get people interested. With Avatar being a new property, Cameron really needs to sell it, especially because of its hefty $200 million-plus budget.

So even though we haven't got the actual trailer yet, what do you think of a new Avatar trailer showing in theaters from this Friday? Are you surprised that it'll be 3.5 minutes long? And are you glad it'll be the one which gives us a feel for the story?

As stated, the second Avatar trailer will start showing in theaters this Friday, October 23rd. Avatar hits theaters everywhere on December 18th, 2009.

Source: ComingSoon

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