New 10,000 B.C. Details Revealed

I think it's inevitable that the new Roland Emmerich film 10,000 B.C. will have a killer opening weekend so I guess I'll talk about it a bit more.

At the WonderCon panel they debuted a brand new trailer, which built upon the previous one in terms of impressive visuals. If I had to come up with one word to describe what's been shown so far it would have to be: Spectacle.

The movie seems to be all about incredible vistas populated with a combination of ancient temples, pyramids, woolly mammoths and a cast of (CGI) thousands. Even though it looks to me like this will be the worst sort of fluff, you never know. Perhaps with the proper attitude adjustment before entering the theater, it could turn out to be good fluff.

Emmerich freely admitted that this movie is a combination of history and fantasy and that it's not meant to be taken as his take on historical fact. It turns out he based the idea on a book called "Fingerprints of the Gods" which is about the theory that very advanced civilizations have preceded ours, but of which there is no evidence (how convenient, says I).

He was also inspired to make a movie that contained woolly mammoths after seeing a program about them on the Discovery Channel.

Although in the first trailer I did not detect any hint of accents coming from the actors, in this new trailer they did have them. They said that they tried to create an accent that was a combination of English and Arabic for the film.

Interestingly, Roland stated that he is a big fan of what I consider to be the best and most realistic caveman movie out there, Quest for Fire. I found that funny considering the plucked eyebrows and shaved chests that run rampant in this movie.

He also stated that the world of this film could be compared to that of Conan the Barbarian: An ancient fantasy world similar to Cimmeria.

Finally, when asked "What can you tell us about your upcoming movie 2012?" (About the upcoming end of the world according to the Mayan calendar) he replied simply:


And of course now we know for sure that the new Dark Knight AND Iron Man trailers will be attached to this movie. But of course that's not enough to sway anyone to go see it. :-)

10,000 B.C. opens on March 7th.

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