Netflix's Marvel Shows Aren't Moving to Disney Plus

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Reports suggest that Marvel's canceled Netflix shows won't be moving to Disney Plus after all. The last month has seen Marvel fans shaken to the core by a series of high-profile cancellations. The streaming giant pulled the plug on Iron Fist just a month after the release of a much-improved second season, with Luke Cage canceled just a week later. More recently, even the flagship Daredevil show has been cancelled.

There has been a lot of speculation that Disney is angling to put future seasons of DaredevilLuke Cage, and Iron Fist on the Disney Plus streaming service, which is due to launch in 2019. This has largely been driven by the fact Marvel is clearly committed to keeping the franchises going, as they emphasized in their recent statement over Daredevil. However, his has never seemed particularly likely, especially given that Disney Plus is clearly aimed at being family-friendly, whereas these shows are distinctly more mature. Now, new reports from an industry insider have finally put this idea to rest.

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Rolling Stone TV critic Alan Sepinwall has taken to Twitter to discuss the idea of these series' being relaunched on Disney Plus. He said,"The execs have already said they don't want these shows on the Disney service," adding, "And even if they did, the nature of the contracts would make it virtually impossible. They're done." He went on to point out that there's a crucial difference between Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment; behind-the-scenes drama led Disney to split those two subsidiaries apart back in 2015. The Disney Plus Marvel shows are all being made by Marvel Studios figures, "who do not like or get along with the Marvel TV execs who made Dardevil et al." While it's technically possible for Marvel Studios to make a Daredevil series in a few years' time, he suggests that they recast - similar to Sony ditching Andrew Garfield in favor of Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Sepinwall is hardly impressed at the division, referring to it as "so sad/hilarious," but he's also not going to pretend the animosity and conflict isn't there.

While this is far from an official statement, Sepinwall isn't going to just make up conversations with Marvel and Disney execs. He also raises a valid point that, until now, had not really been noticed by Marvel fans - that, without exception, all the Marvel shows known to be in the works for Disney Plus are produced by Marvel Studios. There' has been a common assumption that Marvel Television's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and New Warriors will ultimately be produced for Disney Plus, but even that seems unlikely right now. ABC recently renewed Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a 2019/2020 season, meaning it will still show on that network. It's actually beginning to look as though Marvel Television won't be making shows directly for Disney Plus after all.

That said, there are still other possibilities - the most prominent being the possibility that Hulu will pick up future seasons with Marvel Television. Disney is known to be planning an international rollout of Hulu once their acquisition of Fox is complete, and their plan is reportedly to move all mature content there. That would surely be a more appropriate place for the various Defenders franchises.

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Source: Alan Sepinwall

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