Netflix's YOU Season 2 Gets December Release Date & Poster

Netflix's stalker thriller YOU season 2 gets a December release date along with a new poster that highlights the series' star Penn Badgley.

Netflix releases the YOU season 2 poster

Netflix's stalker thriller YOU season 2 gets a December release date and poster. The series stars Penn Badgley, of Gossip Girl fame, as Joe Goldberg, an intense bookstore owner in NYC who lives something of a double life. In the first season, viewers meet Joe, who on the outside comes across as an intelligent, kind and handsome young man just looking for love. But when he falls hard for Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), a customer turned girlfriend and utter obsession, things grow increasingly violent and dangerous for all involved in his life - even the one he claims to love the most.

Originally airing on Lifetime, Netflix picked up the series in December 2018 and it was met with great enthusiasm. It was previously announced that YOU would be back for season 2, but details about the premiere and major plot points were being kept under wraps. Since the series is based on Caroline Kepnes' novels of the same title, what we do know is that we're able to pick up again with Joe as he makes a move to Los Angeles. Also, it was revealed in the season 1 finale that his former girlfriend Candace, whom he previously thought was dead, is very much alive and back to cause some trouble for Joe.

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Now, TV Line reports the YOU season 2 release date of December 26th on Netflix. There will also be a whole new obsession for Joe Goldberg to stalk and lust over as Victoria Pedretti from The Haunting of Hill House will star alongside Badgley as Love Quinn, an aspiring chef. Executive producer of the dramatic thriller, Sera Gamble, previously told TV Line that the move to Los Angeles for the character (as well as the show itself) is a whole new ball game. They got started in the writers' room for season 2 by playing with the idea of Joe moving to L.A. and completely hating it and seeing where all the fun in that can lie.

Of course, fans are no doubt excited about seeing the return of Joe Goldberg in all his psychologically complicated and dangerous glory, just in a different locale, but it'll also be interesting to see Ambyr Childers back as the mysterious ex-girlfriend, Candace Stone. Things didn't work out so well with her the first time, so it will be interesting to see just how things will play out between these two after her big comeback in the season 2 finale. YOU season 2 will also star Charlie Barnett from Russian Doll, as Love's best friend and closest confidant. Plus, we'll get to see Robin Lord Taylor (Gotham), Chris D'Elia (Undateable), James Scully (Heathers) and Jenna Ortega (Jane The Virgin).

Looking back at the success of the first season, fans have really become comfortable - maybe a little too comfortable actually - in watching Badgley in a role that requires him to be obsessive and stalk young women. In one of his former roles, it was revealed in the series finale of Gossip Girl that his character Dan Humphrey was in fact the face behind the infamous website who had been stalking and posting about all of the elite Upper East Siders for years. It's always interesting to think about how Badgley made his big return to television in a role that not only requires much of the same stalker muscles, but takes things that much further with the violence and homicide playing out on YOU. Fans are sure to be excited to see where things will go for Joe on season 2.

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YOU season 2 releases December 26th on Netflix.

Source: TV Line

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