10 Times Netflix's Workin’ Moms Was All Too Relatable

Main cast of workin moms

Netflix's Workin' Moms is a sitcom about just that – working moms. The show centers around four friends who are all struggling with the real side of balancing work and motherhood in their own individual ways. The show, a CBC original, is actually in season three, but U.S. viewers have been able to enjoy the first season on Netflix. Season two is supposed to be arriving on Netflix any minute now, so get ready.

Throughout the show, the characters deal with some painfully real, yet hilarious, situations as they each embody a different type of struggle. Kate is a career woman who is trying to re-adjust to her big-shot job and leaving her baby at home. Anne is an intelligent psychologist but struggles to connect with her daughter. Frankie is a real estate agent who is suffering from postpartum depression as well as some other kind of psychosis. Jenny is an IT specialist with a stay-at-home-husband who doesn't work so he can focus on his screenplay.

Whether you're a mom who has gone through all of these situations, or you're just someone who loves a funny TV show, Workin' Moms has its moments where it's painfully real. Here are some of the times when you can really feel it.

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Catherine Reitman as Kate on Workin Moms
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Catherine Reitman as Kate on Workin Moms

While modern feminism and the Free the Nipple movement has worked hard to normalize breastfeeding in public, for some women it's just not a reality to sit at your desk at work and breastfeed. In fact, many situations of everyday life are still not well equipped for breastfeeding moms. Jenny and Kate both learn this the hard way. Kate ends up pumping in the bathroom because she can't find anywhere else in her male-driven office.

She even fields a business call while a toilet flushes beside her. In the next episode, she's pumping in her car. Meanwhile, Jenny's work does have what seems to be a designated breastfeeding room, but it's little more than a publicly used supply closet.


Juno Rinaldi as Frankie on Workin Moms

Catherine Reitman, the showrunner of Workin' Moms, has openly talked about her own postpartum depression and how those struggles influenced the show's content. Since postpartum is very real and very common, it's a big reality check when it's actually shown on TV. Frankie goes through postpartum depression after giving birth to her daughter and begins to act strangely while trying to accept her condition.

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Like many women do, she initially denies that she has an issue. Many moms are reluctant to admit this because of the stigma that still exists. Eventually, Frankie gets the help she needs, but not without a serious of outrageous incidents and serious red flags.


Kate is a successful executive at an advertising agency, and as she returns to work she has a difficult time adjusting. At one point, her coworker asks her, “Is the baby calling the nanny Mom yet?” and Kate just breaks down sobbing. This incident is actually based on Reitman's personal experience, where she was actually asked that question by a male coworker.

Meanwhile, Frankie is also trying to adjust to her own real estate career and her newfound motherhood is impacting her ability to keep her eyes on the prize. She continuously screws things up with clients and can't seem to find a balance that works.


Jessalyn Wanlim as Jenny on Workin Moms

Don't cry over spilled milk. Except if it's breast milk. Isn't that how the saying goes? For many people, breastfeeding is a natural and rewarding experience with little to no struggle. And that's great for them. But for others, it can be a complete nightmare. Not only that, but the ugly side of breastfeeding isn't often shown on television.

Like when Kate can't find a minute to pump because she's trying to work really hard, and then leads a meeting while leaking through her shirt. Or when Jenny is suddenly aroused at the same time as pumping. You know, normal stuff.


Kate deals with issues on workin moms

Any new mom will tell you that there is an incredible amount of loneliness that comes with being a new mom, especially when you're trying to get your life and career on track at the same time. Kate is a prime example of this.

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She's clearly lonely, even though she has a new baby and a supportive husband. In fact, all of the moms on the show seem to be a little lonely. Even though they're all in relationships and seemingly good situations, not everyone understands what you're going through.


Anne and Lionel on workin moms

Okay, so not all fathers are clueless, and there are so many doting dads out there. But sometimes moms just go through things that their male counterparts just don't understand. And maybe never will. It's really not their fault. They just don't understand what it's like because they've never, and will never, have to deal with it in the same way. This happens a lot on the show.

For example, when Anne discovers she's pregnant again, she has trouble telling her partner Lionel about it because she's internally freaking out. But Lionel thinks it's because she's mad at him for mismanaging money. However, all it takes is a little communication and he's on the same page again.


Workin moms mommy yoga group

The four main characters of the show meet in what seems to be some type of mommy-and-me yoga class. But by the fourth episode of the show, Anne points out the fact that babies don't really need yoga. While it's just a funny line, the point is clear. Moms get shamed. A lot. And so do the moms in this group. Kate gets shamed for her choice in porn, but she also dishes out a lot of shade toward other moms in the group.

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For example, in episode eight, the group is doing a blind test between breast milk and formula. All of the moms comment on how they know it's formula because it's stinky. They soon find out it's actually another woman in the group's breast milk, and proceed to tell her her milk stinks and she needs to change her diet. Not really nice.


Workin moms Kate has to hire her mom

Not a lot of people can actually afford to have a full-time babysitter as Kate can, but many moms can likely relate to the feeling of leaving your baby with someone else for the first time. Kate has trouble with this. She first her initial babysitter for using formula, and then fires a couple more for various petty issues.

Eventually, she has to ask her own mom to step in, who isn't really that great of a babysitter either. But it's all she's got because she has trouble trusting anyone else. Anne ends up finding herself in this situation when she hires "Mean Nanny."


Ian and Jenny on Workin Moms

Not every family that has a baby comes home to a picture-perfect life. Sometimes a child can put a strain on marriage instead of uniting it. Jenny and Frankie are both put in this position throughout the season. Frankie has to come to terms with her own postpartum depression and doesn't think about the consequences it is doing to her wife, Giselle.

Meanwhile, Jenny is starting to become unsatisfied in her home situation and begins to make rash decisions about self-exploration. We're talking piercings, going out all night, an attempted affair with her boss, and basically the whole nine yards.


Kate gets in crib on workin moms

Eventually, even when you have everything under control, you have to prioritize your kids over your career. And that's what Kate has to do. She takes off from a big-shot meeting in Montreal to go home and be with her baby when he ends up in the hospital. It's going to be a big hit for her career, but she's willing to make that choice when it comes to her family.

Anne also learns a valuable lesson in prioritizing her own health over anything else when she finally agrees to go on bed rest for her condition.

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