Netflix's The Witcher TV Show With Henry Cavill Wraps Season 1

The Witcher Geralt of Rivia

Netflix's The Witcher TV show, starring Henry Cavill as genetically enhanced warrior Geralt of Rivia, has wrapped filming for season 1. Based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, which have famously been adapted into a video game franchise, The Witcher was developed for TV by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.

The Witcher is set in a fantasy world filled with monsters, witches, elves, dwarves, and other creatures. Cavill's character, Geralt, is a Witcher: trained from a young age to slay monsters, and physically altered to make his body more durable and skilled in the art of battle. Geralt famously carries two swords - a steel sword for fighting humans, and a silver sword for fighting monsters. In the show, Geralt will find himself navigating the dangerous landscape of the Continent with Princess Ciri (Freya Allan) and powerful sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra). The show will also feature plenty of other characters from the novels and games, like Triss Merigold (Anna Shaffer) and Fringilla Vigo (Mimi Ndiweni).

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Hissrich confirmed on Twitter that The Witcher season 1 has now wrapped filming, adding, "So grateful to the writers, the cast, and the exceptional crew who worked their asses off to make the Continent come to life." Meanwhile, Cavill took to Instagram to celebrate the last day of having to wear that glorious silver wig.

The Witcher season 1 will consist of eight episodes and is set to release on Netflix in late 2019. The show was filmed on location in Hungary, Spain, and Poland, and was directed by Charlotte Brändström (Outlander), Alik Sakharov (Game of Thrones), Alex Garcia Lopez and Marc Jobst (Daredevil). Netflix tends to hold off on releasing trailers until just a few weeks before shows release, but now that filming is complete we'll hopefully get a better look at The Witcher soon via official stills.

As with any franchise that has a built-in fandom, Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher has been the subject of great scrutiny and skepticism. The internet came down particularly hard on an early look at Cavill in his Geralt wig. If the show is successful, however, Netflix has a chance to mark its territory in the genre of historical fantasy - a genre that currently has a vacancy waiting to be filled after the recent conclusion of Game of Thrones. Hopefully The Witcher TV show will prove to be as addictive as the games are.

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