Netflix Closes Deal for Will Smith & David Ayer's Bright

Netflix Closes Deal for Will Smith and David Ayer's Bright

Of late, with feature film releases such as Pee-wee's Big Holiday and the still forthcoming The Little Prince, Netflix has quickly become more than a movie rental and online streaming service, and has evolved into an original television studio and distribution company in its own right. At one time, when online streaming was still something of a novelty, and YouTube videos were restricted to a mere ten to fifteen minutes of audio-visual content, the concept that an online company could become a major force within the film industry was unheard of - and yet here we are in the age of hit Netflix original series like Daredevil and Orange is the New Black.

For those in the know regarding the goings on at Netflix, David Ayer and Will Smith have been in talks to collaborate on the forthcoming Bright, a Max Landis penned fantasy-thriller cop film set to feature certain commercial elements and VFX that will place it within the same thematic realm as Smith's late tenure in the Men in Black franchise. And after formerly seeking the rights to distribute Bright exclusively, it would appear that Netflix has closed that deal and will be overseeing the release of Ayer's movie.

According to Deadline, Netflix executive Ted Sarandos has a paid a grand total of $90 million for the entire production package on Bright, with north of $3 million being paid directly to Landis for the original script, making the new movie one of the biggest spec deals for a screenwriter in years. Upwards of $45 million of said package is expected to be spent towards the costs of shooting, including talent fees and back end buy outs.

Men in Black - Will Smith

Bright is set to co-star Joel Edgerton (Black Mass) alongside Smith, with Ayer's reportedly providing a final re-write of the film's script. Given the amount of interest in the project from other interested parties, with Warner Bros. and MGM reportedly having offered $50 million, and PalmStar offering $4 million for the Landis script in conjunction with another $60 million total offer, the possibilities for what could very well become a tent-pole franchise film production.

Given the fact that the theatrical release of Suicide Squad is still forthcoming from first-time collaborators Smith and Ayer, it remains to be seen just how well the two Hollywood heavyweights will gel together in the making of a major franchise motion picture release. That being said, here's to hoping that Bright proves to be well worth its sizable initial investment from Netflix.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on all information related to Bright.

Source: Deadline

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