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Terrace House Cast Sitting At Table

Quiet, strange, fascinating… What else can be said about Terrace House, the Japanese franchise reality TV series that was picked up by Netflix for a second edition, Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City?

With three separate renditions of the shows – Boys x Girls Next Door, Boys &

Girls in the City, and Aloha State – this reality television show has endless episodes for you to binge on, although Netflix currently only features Boys & Girls in the City and Aloha State.

A simple premise, this show is about absolutely nothing – the mundane, everyday lives of a group of young Japanese people. And yet, this mundaneness manifests itself in interesting ways, and one day we catch a glimpse of the pool being cleaned. This winds up being possibly one of the most profound moments of the show.

The weirdness makes this show what it is, and we love it.

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