Adam Sandler’s Latest Netflix Film Casts Rachel Dratch

One-time Saturday Night Live cast member Rachel Dratch has joined the cast of Adam Sandler's latest Netflix comedy, The Week Of.

Former Saturday Night Live player Rachel Dratch has been added to the cast of Adam Sandler's latest Netflix movie The Week Of. Chris Rock and Steve Buscemi are also on-board the comedy, which is being directed by longtime Sandler collaborator Robert Smigel from the duo's own script.

The Week Of concerns the anxious parents of a soon-to-be-married couple dealing with a comedically hectic week of preparations leading up to the wedding. The movie will be the fourth straight-to-Netflix release under Adam Sandler's mega-deal with the streaming service, following The Ridiculous 6, The Do-Over and Sandy Wexler.

According to Variety, Rachel Dratch has been cast in The Week Of to play the mother of the bride alongside Sandler as the father. Chris Rock is playing the father of the groom. The movie is shooting over the summer in Long Island and is expected to be released later in 2018.

On SNL, Dratch became known as a versatile player who over the years built up a stable of memorable characters, most notably Debbie Downer - the super negative woman who was always interrupting conversations to interject randomly depressing notes. Dratch also made several hilarious guest appearances on 30 Rock, playing the bizarre and unforgettable Blue Man and the recurring character Greta Johanssen the cat wrangler. Dratch has made multiple appearances in films, starring alongside Adam Sandler in his comedies I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Click, Just Go With It and That's My Boy.

Despite Sandler's somewhat diminished reputation in the film world, the comedian's Netflix comedies have proven to be very successful for the streaming service, which is why earlier this year they announced a new deal with Sandler to produce four more movies. According to Neflix's own numbers, subscribers spent half-a-billion hours watching Sandler's first three movies on the service.

Sandler's offerings for Netflix have ranged from the outright spoofiness of The Ridiculous 6 to the high-concept buddy shenanigans of The Do-Over to the Woody Allen-ish period-set show-biz comedy of Sandy Wexler. The Week Of sounds like it's trying to hit the mom-and-dad-comedy sweet spot that was nailed years ago by Steve Martin in Father of the Bride, though with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock involved the humor is bound to skew a tad toward the profane side of things. Sandler at least deserves a pat on the back for casting the always-funny Dratch as his wife instead of going for the obvious Kevin James move of bringing in a more conventionally attractive, younger actress.

Source: Variety

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