Netflix's Voltron Ending Explained In Detail

Warning! MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Voltron: Legendary Defender season 8!


Voltron: Legendary Defender season 8 is now available on Netflix, and its ending concludes the series in dramatic fashion with a finale that's sure to thrill some fans while disappointing others. For a show as popular and beloved as Voltron, it's impossible to please everyone, but for the most part, Voltron season 8 builds to an ending that's shocking, emotional, and a fitting conclusion for what has been a truly excellent series.

Voltron season 8 sees the Paladins and their coalition of allies depart Earth to bring the battle straight to Honerva (formerly, the Witch Haggar) and the rest of the Galra Empire. However, the ensuing conflict turns out to be far more complicated than anyone could have guessed. Honerva's plan is not simply to conquer the universe, but rather to tear apart reality in search of a universe where she can be reunited with versions of Zarkon and Lotor who haven't been corrupted by Quintessence.

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To accomplish this, Honerva needs to wield immense amounts of energy, so she creates a mech capable of blowing a hole in the fabric of reality and traveling between universes. To fight this threat, Voltron also gets an upgrade, combining with the IGF Atlas into their own super mech - the Atlas-Voltron. Now equipped to do battle with Honerva, the Paladins set off in pursuit, prepared to defeat Honerva and defend not just their universe - but all universes.

What Happens At The End of Voltron

Voltron Season 8 Finale Source Space Time Origin Dimension

With all six Paladins piloting the Atlas-Voltron, they chase Honerva across reality, witnessing the death of one universe after another. When they finally catch up with her, Honerva's mech proves too much for even this souped-up Voltron and she escapes. Finally arriving in her perfect universe, it appears as if Honerva has gotten her wish as she is welcomed by this reality's Zarkon. He presents her at court, she's greeted by the smiling faces of King Alfor, his wife, Melonor, and their daughter Allura, and everything is just as Honerva wanted - perfect. Then Zarkon brings Honerva to Lotor, explaining to the young boy that his mother has returned. But Lotor won't accept this Honerva, recognizing that some other universe's Honerva can't simply show up and expect to be his new mother. The rejection crushes Honerva and she lashes out, declaring "If there is no place in this universe for me, then there will be no universe at all."

The Atlas-Voltron arrives and again battles with Honerva, now back in her own mech suit. Fueled by grief and rage, Honerva is still too powerful and she escapes into another tear in reality. The Paladins follow, entering a dimension that is the origin of all time and space, with each alternate universe appearing as a tendril of light extending out from a blinding white core. Honerva is severing one after another, and with each tendril cut, the Paladins are hit with a shockwave as another reality blinks out of existence. Reeling from the sensation of experiencing those countless deaths, Voltron makes a final stand to defend the last remaining universe. Together, the Paladins harness the last of their strength to manifest an enormous thruster, grabbing hold of Honerva and pushing them both into the blinding white core.

Voltron Season 8 Finale Allura Honerva

Crossing the event horizon takes them all to a strange realm which Allura describes as the "connected consciousness of all existence." Inside this dimensional space, there are no mech suits or weapons, just Honerva and the Paladins. In turn, they convince her that though life can be cruel and sometimes hard, that doesn't erase the happier times when life is beautiful and vibrant. Allura then reminds Honerva of the good in her own life, sharing the happy memories they unearthed when exploring Honerva's consciousness. This transforms Honerva back in to her true, Altean self, healing the corruption caused by the Quintessence. Allura then implores Honerva to "honor her son," explaining that though Lotor was misguided he ultimately wanted to preserve life, and that for him, Honerva should help her reverse the damage that's been done.

Allura then explains that she, with Honerva's help, will transform the Quintessence inside Honerva's mech from a destructive force into a life-giving one - a technique she learned from Lotor, but one that will inevitably cost her her life. Allura shares a tearful goodbye with each Paladin - especially Lance, professing her love for him and bestowing on him his own Altean markings - before she harnesses the Quintessence and restarts all of existence. Allura and Honerva - as well as the spirits of King Alfor, the original Paladains, Zarkon, and Lotor - all disappear in a flash of light as tendrils sprout forth from the core of all existence, restoring each universe that was previously severed and destroyed. When the Paladins return to their universe, they discover that Allura also created a New Altea.

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