Netflix Is Testing A New 'Ultra' Tier In Europe

Netflix is testing out a new tier, titled Ultra, in Europe. The streaming service has been growing in popularity since its inception. Curating a list of new titles roughly every month and adding to their own content, Netflix is constantly reinventing the streaming wheel. Other streaming services may be trying to keep up, but Netflix has a new model they are testing out for viability that could continue to change and add to the platform.

Netflix was founded in 1997 and has grown as a juggernaut in film and television since. Since being introduced to the public, Netflix has grown and changed rapidly from being a source to rent movies to producing its own shows and films. The streaming service has a constant flow of new titles, with new projects being developed all the time. The success has even brought critical acclaim and award nominations from the Emmys, Academy Awards, and Golden Globes, among others. But the streaming service is constantly finding ways to change streaming and adapt to what consumers want.

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According to Italian blog Tutto Android, Netflix has begun to test a possible change to their platform with Ultra. The latest tier would give consumers the opportunity to have four devices receiving Ultra HD video and audio streaming simultaneously. The company is currently testing their plans with two versions at two different price points. One version would offer four Ultra HD streams at the equivalent of $19.80, while the existing $13.99 Premium plan would drop from four to two UHD streams.


Commenting on the recent plans in an email to CNET, Netflix spokeswoman Smita Saran said, “We continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of time. In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix." While the new plan is being tested in Europe, not all Netflix subscribers will have the opportunity to see the test. Adding to this, the company may not ever offer the specific price points or features being tested.

Netflix, like all streaming services, is evolving. Whether it's adding new shows or acquiring the rights to existing ones, the team at Netflix is always finding ways to improve its service. As of now, subscribers are offered three subscription plans. Basic, at $7.99, a $10.99 Standard, and a Premium subscription plan at the price point $13.99. Basic only allows users to watch Netflix on one screen at a time. Standard gives subscribers viewing on two screens of their choice, and Premium allows four screens.

Subscribers can watch their favorite shows or movies on their cellphone, TV, or laptop. Moving forward, the company will likely continue to test their Ultra model. Netflix reaches globally, having various titles in different countries. Moving forward, the outcome may change Netflix's plan. Still, the streaming service is constantly adapting, and this is just another example of how.

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Source: Tutto Android, CNET

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