Netflix's The Crown Season 2 Casts Michael C. Hall as JFK

Claire Foy Matt Smith and Michael C. Hall

Over the past few years, Netflix has demonstrated a willingness to spend the sort of money necessary to gain a considerable foothold with regard to prestige television, while also contributing to the concerns of Peak TV with a shocking accumulation of programming available to anyone with a television, an internet connection, and a modicum of discretionary income. After all, how many new programs premiere on the streaming giant on a monthly basis, and how many of them manage to become a cultural talking point on par with something like, say, Stranger Things?

The service has its hits and its solid performers, like Marvel's Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, as well as Fuller House and House of Cards, but as popular as those titles are they don't necessarily scream prestige television. That's where The Crown comes in. A lavish period drama detailing the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the series reportedly cost a whopping $130 million and boasts an impressive cast, including recent SAG and Golden Globe winner Claire Foy, former Doctor Who star Matt Smith, and John Lithgow as none other than Winston Churchill.

The series has proven to be a hit and a bit of a critical darling, but perhaps more importantly for Netflix, it's brought them awards -- six in its first season alone, including a Golden Globe for Best Television Series. That kind of recognition means expectations will be much higher for the second season, and it appears Netflix is ready to meet those anticipations by bringing a fan favorite actor back to television and staging a Dexter reunion in the process.

As reported by THR, Michael C. Hall will join The Crown in season 2 as President John F. Kennedy, while Quarry star Jodi Balfour will play Jackie Kennedy. The two are the latest additions to the cast, as Matthew Goode was announced a short while ago, taking on the role of Lord Snowdon, who marries Princess Margaret in 1960. Moving into a new decade will prove to be an important part of the series moving forward, as it has been previously stated by series writer Peter Morgan that he and Netflix would like to see The Crown follow Queen Elizabeth through six decades in six seasons.

It's not yet known how large of a role Hall and Balfour will have in season 2, though one hopes that the series will somehow find a way to get JFK in a room with Churchill for a little fan service. While an encounter like that may not be entirely in the making, considering Churchill's status in government by the end of the first season, the possibility of it will be something to keep an eye out for. Dexter reunion aside, it will be nice to see Hall make a return to series television after the divisive end to that series in 2013.

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The Crown season 2 is expected to premiere on Netflix in late 2017.

Source: THR

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