Netflix Pleads With Viewers To Stop Lusting After Ted Bundy

Netflix is pleading with viewers to stop lusting after Ted Bundy after the streamer's docuseries Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes set off a widespread "hot Ted Bundy" meme. Released on the 30th anniversary of his death in the Florida electric chair, the docuseries details Bundy's grisly crimes while presenting footage and taped conversations with the notoriously charismatic serial killer.

In all, Bundy was "credited" with the murder of over 30 young women between the years 1974 and 1978, though his actual victim count is still not known. As The Ted Bundy Tapes makes clear, Bundy did not fit the stereotype of the mad-dog killer, given his good looks and winning personality. In fact, Bundy's "regular guy" quality and attractiveness were a big reason he was able to lure so many women into his traps before brutally raping and murdering them. Thanks to his televised Florida trials, Bundy became a media sensation, and actually garnered a following of female admirers who flocked to the courtroom to watch him in action.

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Now 30 years after his death in the electric chair, Bundy is back in the spotlight again thanks to Netflix's compelling four-part docuseries, as well as the upcoming fiction film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile starring Zac Efron. And just like in the '70s, many people are finding themselves smitten by Bundy, even though they are perfectly aware that he was one of the worst serial killers of all time. Now, Netflix is imploring its viewers to stop openly lusting after Bundy, reminding everyone that he was in fact a horrific murderer and not someone to be admired in any way. See Netflix's tweet below:

This is actually the second time in recent months that Netflix has gone public begging its viewers to stop engaging in questionable behavior inspired by their content. Last month, the streamer was forced to get proactive after its hit Bird Box spawned the "Bird Box challenge," which saw fans imitating the movie's characters by blindfolding themselves and trying to engage in normal tasks with predictably disastrous results. The profusion of "Bird Box challenge" videos on YouTube was indeed part of the reason the site decided to ban videos of such dangerous pranks and challenges.

People calling Ted Bundy "hot" may not lead to lives being endangered, but it does make for some very uncomfortable social media comments, and Netflix certainly doesn't want to be connected to anything that casts Bundy in such an inappropriately favorable light. Though Netflix certainly did not try to glorify Bundy with The Ted Bundy Tapes, they seem to have unintentionally created something of a monster by dredging up the killer's story. Which ironically is also what happened when the media first covered Bundy back in 1978.

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Source: Netflix/Twitter

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