Netflix Sends Stranger Things Bar This Funny Cease & Desist Letter

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Fans of the Duffer brothers’ hit series Stranger Things will only have a few more weeks to visit the series-inspired pop-up bar in Chicago as Netflix has politely asked the owners to shut it down. The sci-fi horror series that debuted on Netflix last year quickly gathered a large following, and was renewed for a second season, set to be released on October 27.

It doesn’t come as a surprise, then, that fans have gotten creative with their love for the series, as seen in Chicago where a themed pop-up bar opened in Oak Park last month. Appropriately called The Upside Down, the bar offers an immersive Stranger Things experience accompanied by a menu of craft cocktails, also inspired on the series. As interesting and fun as the project is, The Upside Down is in no way associated with the Duffer brothers or Netflix, which is why the streaming service has released a letter asking the owners to shut it down after its six-week run.

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Surprisingly – and contrary to what anyone would expect from a letter of this nature – Netflix’s legal team sent out a geeky yet firm message to the owners of the bar, with Stranger Things references included. The cease-and-desist letter praises the owners’ creativity and love for the series, while also asking them to not extend the pop-up beyond its established six-week run.

Netflix Letter To Emporium Logan Square Owners by Mina Bloom on Scribd

With a reference to Dr. Brenner and a reminder that the demogorgon is not the forgiving type, the letter concludes by asking them to shut it down by the end of the month and to reach out to them if they plan to do something like this again. According to DNA Info, manager Jared Saul wrote that if the streaming/production company were OK with the bar running through the premiere of season 2 and Halloween weekend, they “would most definitely have continued this incredible party a little bit longer.” Saul also shared there are no hard feelings as it was a fun project that also introduced the show to new fans in Chicago.

The Upside Down is decorated as Joyce Byer’s living room (alphabet and blinking Christmas lights obviously included) with a recreation of Castle Byers, a mural of Eleven with a waffle behind her, and many other details scattered all over the place. The bar serves Chief Hopper’s beer of choice, Schlitz, as well as six craft cocktails – such as a syrup-flavored drink called “Eleven’s Eggos” – and two slushies, all of them inspired on the characters and motifs of the series.

Stranger Things fans will have until October 1 to visit The Upside Down. And to those who can’t make it to Chicago, we can only hope that the managers and Netflix will come to an agreement in a near future for longer-run of this successful themed-bar.

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Stranger Things season 2 premieres Friday October 27, 2017 on Netflix.

Source: DNA Info

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