15The Guest (2014)

Maika Monroe in The Guest

Like Fatal Attraction, The Guest is as much a horror film as it is an erotic thriller, but it works equally well in both modes. When David (Dan Stevens) shows up at the front door of the Peterson home with news of their son's death in combat,

the family welcomes him with open arms, hoping to get a little bit of their son back in this smoldering stranger. Daughter Anna (It Follows' Maika Monroe) slowly catches onto David, realizing he isn't so much a soldier as a machine with a malfunctioning killswitch, but that's after she's fallen head over heels in lust with him.

David represents her burgeoning adulthood and sexuality, and when he starts his killing spree, the first thing to go is her innocence. The Guest is a roller-coaster ride about the destruction of suburban perfection, and it all starts in the mile-long gaze of a man anxious to subsume and pervert everything normal about Anna's life.

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