10 Best Characters From Netflix's The Society, Ranked

Netflix’s new Lord of the Flies based drama The Society, focuses on a group of teenagers left to fend for themselves in a replica of their rich Connecticut town of West Ham. As we watch this ragtag group of kids navigate their way through this weird phenomenon, we learn a little more about each character's personality.

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With each episode, we get further insight as to why certain characters behave the way they do. The mixture of all of the teens' personalities make every episode an exciting adventure. In the midst of all of the confusion, town raiding, (and of course teen drama) The Society offers up some truly wonderful, and relatable characters that audiences can't help to fall in love with. Here are the 10 best characters from the show, ranked.

WARNING: Some spoilers for The Society season 1 ahead

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10 Kelly Aldrich

Kelly is the girl who seems to have it all. She's dating Mr. Popular (Harry Bingham) and everyone loves her. Although she may seem a little one-dimensional at first, Kelly grows on you like a fungus as the season progresses. She finally stands up for herself and realizes that being around Harry in the midst of the craziness is quite toxic. She is a great help in strategically planning Becca's birth (since all the adult, qualified doctors have disappeared) and is really there for Becca during her pregnancy journey.

9 Cassandra Pressman

Though Cassandra can come across as a bit of a know-it-all, she has a good heart. She is the first teen to step up as a leader in the wake of the scary situation the kids are put in.

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Cassandra makes some enemies early on in this brand new society, but she does everything in her power to establish some ground rules for this parent-less nightmare they have been dropped into.

8 Helena

Helena is the "good girl" of the group. She is devoted to her faith, her boyfriend Luke, and has a great image. She never hesitates to help out someone in need, and honors all of her commitments. Helena comes across as a bit of a "teacher's pet" type, but ultimately her emotions are wavering a bit inside. She strives to be a source of hope and faith for the others in town, but we see a more vulnerable side of her when things between her and Luke grow a little rocky.

7 Elle Tomkins

Known as a bit of a mystery, Elle is a quiet girl who doesn't get much attention. She's a bit of a loner especially in this stranded society, and is much more of an observer than a joiner. However one day she decides to join in on a friendly game of 'Cops and Fugitives' and she meets Campbell Eliot.

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Campbell is West Ham's resident bad boy. As their relationship grows we start to see more of Elle's badass side. Although Campbell has his thumb firmly on Elle, viewers get to see a side of her that will always stand up for what is right.

6 Becca Gelb

Becca is unafraid to voice her opinion, and quite the resilient character. Not only is she stuck in a new town with no adults like the rest of the group...she's also pregnant.  She's a no-nonsense girl who knows exactly what she wants.

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With the help of her best friend Sam Elliot she explores files and past documents that will aid the group in understanding what happened to them. Becca is pretty emotionally vulnerable (thanks pregnancy hormones) and is adamant about not revealing who the real father of her baby is. Though Becca is in one of the toughest situations, she handles it all with grace.

5 Will LeClair

Will LeClair is a bit of a curve ball. He is Allie Pressman's best friend, has a huge crush on Kelly, and is an overall nice guy. Allie has intense feelings for him, and although he doesn't seem to reciprocate at first, he stays loyal to Allie when she becomes leader of New Ham (the new name for the new society). He sticks up for his friends, is thoughtful, and always sticks to his morals. Will is the nice guy that anyone would be lucky to have in their corner.

4 Gordie

Gordie may be a bit nerdy, but he has a passion for learning and helping others with his knowledge. He has a massive crush on Cassandra and when he learns that she has a heart disease, he does everything in his power to learn more about medicine in order to support her.

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He has a big heart and gives the town insightful updates on how the mission is going to get them out of New Ham.

3 Sam Eliot

Oh sweet Sam. Sam is the brother of bad guy Campbell, but Sam could not be more different than his brother. He is loyal, kindhearted, and smart. He is Becca's best friend, and even claims to be the father of her child (even though he is not). Sam offers viewers some of the more lighthearted moments on the show, including his romance with Grizz. He often feels a bit on the outside because he is deaf, but he knows his worth.

2 Allie Pressman

Being the younger sister of Cassandra, it is no surprise that Allie is a natural born leader. Though she may be winging it half the time, Allie is a precise and powerful leader, and really steps up after Cassandra is murdered.

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Allie is not always the most confident, but she is a strong-willed young woman who will not be controlled. Although many of the teens in town view her as too strict, Allie truly is the best person for the job and overall has a kind soul.

1 Grizz

Grizz is without a doubt the best character of The Society. Before you get to see to much of him, you already know Grizz is insanely nice. He is a go-with-the-flow kind of guy who will open his heart up to anyone. He's a shoulder to lean on in the tough times, as well as someone who will stand strong when the going gets tough. Grizz forms the cutest friendship with Sam during the season, which soon turns into a romance. Grizz is emotional and complex, and he is everything you need and more.

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