10 Shows Netflix Should Cancel To Save Money

Netflix are in some serious debt, and by "serious" we mean billions of dollars in debt. The streaming service had to issue a statement revealing exactly how much they owed after the LA Times claimed they were over $20 billion in the red. They're actually only $4.8 billion in the red, but that's still a massive figure that won't be going down any time soon, with their plans to invest more money into new content.

Last year, Netflix said in its Q3 earnings report that they were planning on spending $6billion on commissioning new shows and films, as well as reinvesting in current Netflix Original series. They have also just bought their first comic book franchise, Millarworld, and signed a multi-year deal with Shonda Rhimes to bring new Shondaland series to the streaming service. With all that new content on the horizon, it's time to trim the fat.

Netflix has already started to cancel expensive shows like The Get Down, Marco Polo and Sense8, as well as series like Girlboss that only ran for one season, but there are still plenty of series that are arguably not worth the expense of keeping them running. Here at ScreenRant, we've come up with ten shows that Netflix could cancel to free up their production budgets.

Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet Review Banner
Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant star in Santa Clarita Diet

This suburban zombie comedy had all the hallmarks of being great, with Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant taking the lead as married realtors Sheila and Joel, whose lives take a turn for the worst when Sheila develops a taste for human flesh. While each episode did deliver a few laughs, by the end of the season they felt stale and repetitive and brought little novelty to the zombie genre. Shaun of the Dead this ain't, and instead of renewing for a second season, Netflix should probably switch diets.

The Ranch

The Cast of The Ranch
The Ranch stars Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and Sam Elliott

Netflix has done so well to commission outside-the-box TV series like The O.A. or Lady Dynamite that it's surprising to see them invest money into such a formulaic show like The Ranch. The novelty of seeing Ashton Kutcher reunited with his That '70s Show co-star Danny Masterson quickly wore off when it became apparent that the storylines and characters were more superficial than super funny. The Ranch is definitely a one-trick pony that needs to be put out to pasture.

13 Reasons Why

There was nothing wrong with this series, based on Jay Asher's best-selling YA novel, and in many ways it improved on the text by expanding on the rather two-dimensional characters Hannah Baker accuses of having some responsibility for her suicide. However, that doesn't mean a second season is needed to continue the story. Hannah's story ended in the right way so to force a second season rather self-defeating and we all know the sequel is never as good as the original. There are two reasons why Netflix should cancel it.

Haters Back Off!

Haters Back Off

Miranda Sings might have been a hit on YouTube, but in a 30-minute episode format Colleen Ballinger's alter-ego is painful at best. There are some funny moments, as we watch Miranda's obnoxious attempt to become an online singing sensation at the expense of her family, but the cringe-inducing comedy fails to hit as hard as it does in shows like The Office UK or The Comeback. Hate to be a hater, but this show has got to go.

Friends From College

It's a shame that an adult show with so many excellent comedy stars (Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, Billy Eichner) delivers something so juvenile. The titular friends show no signs of growth from their student days and seem to be outdoing each other to be the worst. It's no surprise that the series has been panned by critics across the board so maybe Netflix should let this one drop out before graduating to a second season.


Shadowhunters - Clary and Jace

The TV adaptation of Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments takes itself far too seriously and like most supernatural teen drama relies on pretty faces rather than decent performances. Unlike the film version, starring Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell-Bower as the leads Clary and Jace, Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood lack the chemistry or humor needed to make this convoluted series anywhere near as engaging as the books. Netflix has the global rights outside the US for this series but they should hunt for something better to distribute.

Fuller House

Fuller House Official Cast Photo Episode Stills
Fuller House focused on the Tanner daughters but failed to earn the same laughs

Full House was a 90s sitcom that worked because its comedy was of the time so trying to clone that structure and formula for the 21st century was always going to fail. Fuller House offers nothing new and merely recreates old issues and storylines for a modern audience. If they had gone down the Gilmore Girls route, by changing the episode format and adding some nuance to the characters and storylines, this show may have worked. As it stands, Netflix should probably clean house.

Chasing Cameron

chasing cameron netflix
Chasing Cameron follows a YouTuber trying to get more famous

Netflix, you're better than this sort of reality show. This is the type of thing E!, MTV or Bravo spends money on - not a streaming service known for exploring new avenues in dramatic entertainment. If people want to watch a teenage YouTube sensation build his career and go to social media meet and greets than surely YouTube is the place to watch it. End the chase now.


Will Arnett in Flaked

With Arrested Development and Bojack Horseman already sitting pretty on Netflix, the streaming service can do without this mediocre Will Arnett comedy. Like in Friends from College, Flaked deals with an adult still acting like a child who has not got his life together, despite being a self-help guru. There is nothing fresh or edgy about this man-child comedy that's as flakey as its title.

Marvel's Iron Fist

Iron Fist is the least popular Netflix Marvel series

By far the least entertaining of all Netflix's Marvel series, Iron Fist has suffered not only from an unconvincing lead in Finn Jones but also from a spectacularly dull narrative. It was a struggle to get through each episode and even the fight scenes brought out the finest yawns in critics and viewers alike. Instead of commissioning a second season, Iron Fist characters should be transposed into Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage because its stand-alone series is lacking serious amount of chi.

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