10 Netflix Shows To Watch If You Loved MTV’s Cribs

Since its initial air date in September 2000, MTV’s Cribs has made a lasting impact on reality television and on programs centered around housing. Over its first run of 13 seasons, they showcased over 185 celebrity houses and mansions, and their later run as a short-form Snapchat Discovery show in 2017 and 2018 was successful as well.

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Eventually, though, you’re bound to run out of episodes when binging any iteration of Cribs. How do you fill the hole Cribs has left in your house-loving heart? That’s where these Netflix shows can help! They’re guaranteed to remind you of Cribs while introducing you to something new.

10 The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Cribs was all about discovery, and The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes takes that idea and runs with it. Actress Caroline Quentin and architect Piers Taylor get the chance to travel the world and explore homes in Norway, Spain, and even on New Zealand’s South Island.

Some of the amazing buildings they get to explore include a building inspired by a ship in Nova Scotia, a tea plantation house, and even a house built into a cliff! The World's Most Extraordinary Homes lives up to its spectacular name, and it takes Cribs’ celebrity homes to the next level—on a global scale.

9 Amazing Interiors

We’re all familiar with the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The homes in Amazing Interiors are a prime example of that old cliché, as from the outside, they appear to be ordinary, plain houses. Inside, though, they feature some truly phenomenal designs, whether it’s based on a particular theme or just for the sheer joy of decorating.

The show features numerous dedicated sports fans, including a father and son with a shared love of hockey, and even one man who turned his home into a quite literal circus. These crazy homes are definitely something to behold!

8 West Coast Customs

Originally featured on Pimp My Ride, another of MTV’s hit shows from the early 2000s, West Coast Customs follows a custom body shop in Los Angeles that transforms cars into luxury vehicles.

The show focuses on Ryan Friedlinghaus, an auto customizer who manages the shop and its crew, and explores every side of car customization, including the technical aspects, the car mechanics, and the decisions that need to be made. If you’re an MTV fan who’s craving a fix of the old and familiar, West Coast Customs might just be the perfect show for you!

7 I Own Britain’s Best Home

The title really says it all! This show follows three property experts as they spend 24 hours in British houses, all competing to be voted Britain’s Best Home. Many of these homes are hidden gems, so this is the first time their beauty is being seen on Netflix screens around the world.

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Lots of the houses have been renovated from their original format, including a converted chapel, a watermill, and an office space from the 60s that was turned into a cozy home. Each episode covers three houses until the final two, where the competition comes to a head and Britain’s Best Home is finally decided.

6 Selling Sunset

This show centers around the Los Angeles real estate company called The Oppenheim Group, where drama abounds. The show starts right as a new agent, Chrishell, joins the group. The rest of the real estate brokers force Chrishell to prove herself as an agent as they deal with business, friendships, and even their love lives.

Unlike the previous shows, this one focuses on a group of individuals, rather than on the houses or buildings themselves. The various intrigue between them makes for an interesting plot, and we even get to see the many properties they work to sell as well.

5 The Great Interior Design Challenge

This competitive series is hosted by architectural historian Tom Dyckhoff and follows the efforts of interior designers on a tight budget and schedule. Contestants are required to design numerous different buildings, including beach huts, 30s-style apartments, and even houseboats, within a three-day time limit.

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Design challenges usually include renovating a room in a client’s home, although the designers will occasionally get another, smaller goal to accomplish. That could mean renovating an item to be placed in the newly-crafted space. 

The Great Interior Design Challenge is definitely a fantastic combination of competition- and housing-style shows that’s easy to quickly get into!

4 Grand Designs

With a grand title like that, the scope of Grand Designs is sure to be big. Host and designer Kevin McCloud explores different homes crafted by people who set out to make their dream house by themselves. Their ambition and vision often mean they have to create many custom pieces themselves, but the results are always spectacular.

Just seeing these homes is pretty fantastic, but Grand Designs allows us to watch the building process from beginning to end. Some of the homes include a converted cave, a blacksmith’s forge, and even a house on stilts!

3 Big Dreams Small Spaces

Every other show on this list covers the architectural side of houses, but Big Dreams Small Spaces dives right into horticulture. Presenter and writer Monty Don works with amateur horticulturalists and gardeners to help them create their dream garden, rather than their dream home.

Each episode follows two groups of gardeners, including couples, flower enthusiasts, and whole families. Don gets to know the reasons behind their dreams, and we get to see the process that goes into crafting a truly beautiful garden. Though it’s not the celebrity houses we see in Cribs, it’s still neat to explore a whole new area of design.

2 Charlie Luxton’s Homes by the Med

Charlie Luxton has been showing off architecture and exploring magnificent homes since DIY SOS premiered in 1999, and in this latest show, he travels to the Mediterranean. Luxton gets invited into numerous coastal homes, including hilltop villas, houses inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, and, in one case, a small stone hut.

Each hour-long episode allows us to explore three different residences with Luxton, and though there are only six episodes, there are many more Luxton shows to be watched! Charlie Luxton’s Homes by the Sea is another Netflix title that can easily follow this one.

1 Deals in the Desert

Set in Bahrain, Deals in the Desert follows a group of elite brokers who all try to sell real estate while juggling clients and competition with one another. The three central professionals—Nabeel, Sheila, and Svetlana—all work to expand their businesses in various ways.

Though the show only has one season, it follows a complete, unscripted arc in these agents’ businesses and looks to their futures in Bahrain. It’s a great Netflix title to binge, especially for those who love the complicated deals behind property buying and selling and the struggles of being a real estate agent.

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