25 Netflix Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon (And It’s So Unfair)

Netflix went from a small DVD rental company to a large streaming conglomerate. The online giant made waves when it produced TV shows that weren't just original, but they were good. Fans were happy with offerings such as Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards, and even shows from various countries across the world that offered things no other network took the chance on. They not only changed TV, but culture as well, which has definitely changed thanks to how Netflix offers its shows. Fans didn't just get new TV shows, they didn't have to wait a week to see new episodes.

Whereas millennial kids still remember having to wait a certain time and day in order to watch their favorite show, Netflix now allowed people to binge watch and just kind of hang out at home. Even dating and cuddling culture changed. Remember when Netflix and chill didn't exist? Netflix not only brought back series, but it also had amazing partnerships with Marvel and created an entire arc of shows that had the potential to be a part of the MCU in the future (maybe?)

But like any other giant, it also had to scale back once in a while. Some shows below were canceled because the Network felt they were expensive. Others simply didn't get much viewership. Other things were influenced by the external world. Fans even reeled when some of these shows were canceled. For the purposes of this list we're including a few things that Netflix began with because we can't believe that for some shows, it's the end of an era.

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25 House of Cards

When House of Cards was released, it was a breakthrough that showed many of us how terrible Washington D.C. could be. Sure, we don't expect real politicians to be like this, but some people don't feel it's such a stretch of the imagination that some politicians might be this rotten.

Still, Robin Wright deserved better. After allegations against Kevin Spacey surfaced, Netflix had to make some abrupt decisions. We already knew Claire Underwood was going to be POTUS. It's just that having external factors influence a show this much caused the story to suffer a bit. Nothing we can do about that now though.

24 Atelier

Being a large streaming giant means Netflix had a blank slate with which to play. The Network took a chance and created Atelier. Based in the super cool Ginza district of Tokyo, this show was meant to display some of the hardships of working in fast fashion in Japan.

However, it was also an American production that gave us a side of Japanese and fashion culture we don't normally get to see. The show had strong performances, fashionable costumes, and an interesting plot-line. But for all its potential, Netflix announced its cancellation after one season. Seems like a fashionable loss.

23 Gypsy


Gypsy starred Naomi Watts as a strong lead just when audiences began demanding more strong women on TV and film. Netflix mysteriously chose not to reveal exactly why the show was axed. Fans can only guess what happened, but it is true that Gypsy was canceled just 6 weeks after it was premiered. Some reasons posited for the show's cancellation were that perhaps excitement for the show just wasn't as present as with other series. Critics agreed that Naomi Watts gave a great performance, but it wasn't enough to live to the hype. Netflix is known to reveal viewership numbers, but it's safe to say there just weren't that many for this show.

22 Orange Is The New Black

Piper and Stella in Orange is the New Black

Okay, unlike other shows, OITNB had a lot of time on Netflix. Seven seasons for a 15-month jail sentence is probably a bit too long. Then again, this is the show that changed everything for streaming media. It was one of the first shows Netflix ever offered in its platform.

It was part of a cultural change in the United States and the world. Its cast of mostly women gave us enough laughs, drama, and even joy for a long time to come. It's hard to believe that Netflix shows weren't really a thing a few years ago. OITNB's cancellation is a historic moment.

21 The Punisher

No one was too sad when Iron Fist got canceled, but then Marvel's collaborations with Netflix were given the same sentence shortly after. The Punisher is a bit of a tough one. Frank Castle is an interesting character with a different sense of justice from what we'd expect. We first saw The Punisher when he appeared as a supporting character on Daredevil.

Its noir style was finally a comic character that wasn't just for kids. The first season of the show got off to the slow start, but both fans and critics felt better about the second season. Needless to say, the cancellation was a surprise.

20 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

unbreakable kimmy schmidt

Once again, four seasons on a network isn't nothing. But everyone loved Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for its wit and humor. It was created by Tina Fey, who we all fell in love with after her SNL Run and of course, 30 Rock. However, we're used to comedies that last a bit longer than four seasons.

Four seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it still seems like it could let us get a bit more of Kimmy's story. Since Netflix remains mum about its decisions, fans currently assume Netflix and Fey may have both agreed to the show's cancellation. There's also reason to believe there could be a movie based on the show too.

19 Seven Seconds

seven seconds

Regina King has had an awesome year, but we still remember when Seven Seconds was canceled. The show's cancellation was announced in April of this year. Netflix executives actually praised King, the rest of the cast, and crew. The show also looked at interesting racial relationships and gets its name from an accident that forced two of the show's characters to grapple with its consequences. Plus, it even got good reviews from critics who felt the show's plot and story were quite good. Sometimes being smart, interesting, and having a stellar cast isn't enough to keep going in this here entertainment business.

18 Iron Fist

Okay, it's true that Iron Fist didn't have a good first season. It took a lot of time to get to the point, and Danny Rand annoyed a lot of the show's viewers. Critics and fans had a lot to say about Danny's skills and how condescending he was to Colleen Wing. However, Netflix and Marvel began polishing him up in the Defenders and Luke Cage. In season 2, the Iron Fist had shown a lot more growth as a character and man. We actually wanted to know what was going to happen later, especially as Misty Knight played a larger part!

17 Love


Judd Apatow was behind well-loved shows such as Freaks and Geeks, and his success only continued from then on. When Love was released, we knew we'd be in for a treat! Love looked at dating from both a guy and girl's point of view. It was also smart and took on the subject with a lot of wit. Plus, the show had a lot of smart guest stars, such as Horatio Sanz. Even though it had a three-season run, fans are going to miss this quirky show that looks at love from a modern perspective. We can't just leave the awkwardness to real life, right?

16 Voltron: Legendary Defender

voltron legendary defender

We get it, Voltron: Legendary Defender had an 8 season run. What's there to be sad about? Plenty! First of all, each season was actually quite short. Most seasons had no more than 13 episodes, so it's not like the show had a multiyear run. Animations are hard work! The show was an amazing fusion of Japanese anime and American storytelling sense. The story was grown-up enough, but it was also something that older children could watch as well. The show also tried to be daring when it came to the diversity of representation, even though not all fans took it well.

15 Daredevil


Daredevil was the first installment of Marvel and Netflix's partnership. The show gave us a much more daring Matt Murdock than its film at least a decade prior. Thanks to Netflix, the show was able to show a more noir undertone. This comic-based TV show was definitely for the older crowd. Plus, Daredevil was kind of a litmus test for the other Marvel-Netflix shows that gave the Defenders a chance to be seen. Daredevil didn't take the easy way out with its stories and kept the suspense and darkness going. We'll miss it, and Foggy's wisecracks too. Cancellation be damned!

14 Everything Sucks

everything sucks

Everything Sucks was lauded for being easy to relate to. Plus, it was set in 1996 and the cast attends Boring High School in Oregon. Nothing is more relatable than a bunch of '90s kids that attend a high school named after the adjective they feel fits with it best. It had everything high school is more of character in the A/V club, immaturity, and in short, it starred actors who really look like teens. We know cheerleaders and popular kids have lives too, but Everything Sucks gave former '90s geeks something to remember the old days—and be happy about them!

13 Hibana (Spark)


Hibana (known as "Spark") in English, had a lot of potential. It gave us a different way of looking at stand-up comedy and Japan at the same time. Hibana's cancellation speaks to how Netflix has expanded its entertainment offerings around the world.

The show focused on a particular type of comedy. Tokunaga, its main character, decided to apply for an apprenticeship with a manzai named Kamiya. A manzai is basically a comedian that acts as the foil to someone who does stand-up. And well, even though the show had its quirks and was largely successful outside of the U.S., the English-speaking world just didn't seem to pick up on it.

12 Lady Dynamite

lady dynamite

Lady Dynamite was a different type of comedy. Maria Bramford moves back to Los Angeles after taking some time to treat her bipolar disorder—and the fun begins. The show was popular with viewers and critics, and Maria Bramford got to play a fictionalized version of herself. This Bramford not only gave us jokes, but she also gave us a more realistic view of what it's like to live with a mental health issue. The cancellation of this show came after Gypsy, Love, and The Get Down were canceled. A lot of viewers probably felt they were losing quality comedy!

11 Disjointed


Disjointed actually wasn't a hit with the critics, and it's hard to know what fans thought since Netflix doesn't release its data. But it did give us a chance to see Kathy Bates try her comedian chops, and the show really was trying to do something different. There were a lot of high (heh) expectations for the show because it involved some of the same producers for The Big Bang Theory, Mom, and Young Sheldon. Its cancellation shows that even Netflix can mess up. Then again, the show might later become a cult "it's so bad it's good" favorite in the future.

10 Lilyhammer


This Norwegian-American production gave us a different view of the Mafia. A boss is moved to a small town in Norway where he thinks no one will find him. It was one of Netflix's first attempts to offer original content. Though the show had a three-season run and had an interesting plot, it became mired in global rights entanglements. Eventually, Netflix decided to pull the plug for this reason. The streaming giant also mentioned that costs for the show prompted their decision to cancel. Drama from Norway, a mafia, and weird wolf tales actually had a nice ring to it.

9 A Series Of Unfortunate Events

The Lemony Snicket films were actually pretty great and allowed us to see an even more of what Jim Carrey can do. But having Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf was also pretty cool. Plus, the show gave us a lot of great graphics and did its best to do justice to the novels. The show was also a victim of Netflix's bid to cancel more things here and there. At least Netflix gave the show enough of a chance that it tried to tell the story correctly. But the show has a lot of interesting visuals and will be missed.

8 American Vandal

Tyler Alvarez, Griffin Gluck in American Vandal Season 2

Mockumentaries can be a little kitsch, but they're really great when they're done right. People who were tired of true crime tropes and other cold case documentaries had some respite in American Vandal because it was actually a quality mockumentary. After all, people today have become obsessed with true crime and a bunch of larger-than-life scenarios that haunt minds for days and even weeks to come. The series was known for its different sense of humor. Thanks to this, producers have teased the idea of trying to get the show revived somewhere else. Hey, we could use a bit more offbeat humor.

7 The Break With Michele Wolf

the break with michele wolf

We first met Michelle Wolf thanks to The Daily Show. Her trademark wit went well with Trevor Noah's but fans were glad when she got her own show. Getting her show also meant we had just one more woman hosting a late-night type of show. She had 10 episodes to prove her stuff, but Netflix pulled the plug after just one season. This was a big surprise considering that she was never afraid of what others would think. Plus, Michelle Wolf had actually been nominated for an Emmy just before Netflix announced it would be canceling her show. Her humor will be missed on Netflix!

6 Bloodline


Bloodline was a thriller with a great cast, intriguing plot-lines, and awesome cinematography. As fairness in cancellations goes, this is one really stung. The show also had some family drama elements, and this is part of how it got its namesake. The cancellation of Bloodline was unexpected because Netflix was letting go of a show that had been nominated for Emmys. It showed that even though you could be great and bring in awards, you weren't exactly safe. According to Variety, the show didn't have a large audience, but it was expensive to produce. Money isn't everything, but it does help you produce other things.

5 Luke Cage

luke cage

Luke Cage didn't just bring a beloved Defender to life, it showed a truer picture of Harlem than many viewers had gotten. Sure, having a superhero is still far-fetched, but Luke himself had an interesting past. We first saw him in Jessica Jones, where we learned that he's a good guy with a heartbreaking story. The show had cool stunts, a great soundtrack, and its cast had some really great actors. But it's clear that things between Netflix and Marvel weren't going well. Both companies have been relatively mum about how their relationship led to cancellations of such great stuff, but we can speculate.

4 The Get Down

the get down

Fans totally loved The Get Down and how it chronicled hip-hop history. Was it perfect? No, but it was still fun to watch how hip-hop was created by regular kids who were trying to live a better life. The truth is, everything we love and hold dear is often created by people we least expect. The show was colorful and included many interesting characters. Plus, it showed us that Jaden Smith could use his weirdness to tell a substantial story. But some people criticized Netflix's decision to let Baz Luhrmann direct the series. Oh, and it reportedly cost about $120 million to produce.

3 Jessica Jones

jessica jones

Probably one of the best-received of the Marvel-Netflix shows, Jessica Jones grappled with tough subjects. It also gave viewers a look at strong female characters without being patronizing. Dealing with her own issues such as PTSD, and a lack of love life, Jessica Jones showed us that not all heroes are squeaky clean. But that's okay. She was a hero to those around her and didn't even to take credit for a lot of what she did. Even some of her quips were a lot sweeter than the character intended. The show was just a great vehicle for Krysten Ritter, and JJ had amazing leather jackets!

2 Sense8


Sense8 probably changed TV's landscape as we know it— and fans will never let you forget it. Filmed by the Wachowskis, it included Mexico City, Nairobi, San Francisco, and Seoul as settings. The show was hailed for its storyline as well. In addition to its compassionate portrayal of various cultures and identities, it had amazing music. Sense8 presented a totally new concept for human connection, and we loved many of its characters. Okay— viewers loved everyone. Netflix received so much flack after Sense8's cancellation that fans were actually able to get a film ending that let the Wachowskis get closure.

1 One Day At A Time

One Day At A Time Season 4

One Day At A Time was proof that the time for better Latino representation on TV had come. The show was a revival of Norman Lear's sitcom and though it had a stellar cast, Rita Moreno was a treasure to watch. Latino fans also praised the fact that it showed a diversity of characters—Cuban-American, LGBT, Afro-Latino, and mestizo. The show also had good ratings and even an Emmy nomination. Sure, it got a three-season run, but a fourth would have allowed certain storylines to end. Fans even began petitioning for more of the show, but Netflix isn't budging on this.

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