Rick Moranis Joins Netflix's SCTV Reunion Special

Rick Moranis

Netflix says Rick Moranis will indeed appear in their upcoming SCTV reunion special directed by Martin Scorsese. Many a big name comedy star saw their career take off thanks to SCTV, the satiric sketch show from Toronto's Second City. Built around the antics both on-air and behind-the-scenes at a fictional TV network, SCTV ran exclusively on Canadian television from 1976-1980 before making the leap to NBC starting in 1981. The show ended in 1983.

Future stars Martin Short, John Candy, Rick Moranis, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Harold Ramis all got their start thanks to SCTV. Recently, Netflix revealed that Martin Scorsese will direct a reunion special set to bring back many of the show's living stars (Candy and Ramis of course have both passed). However, Rick Moranis did not show up on the list of players set to appear. Out of Hollywood since retiring from acting in 1997, Moranis has made only sporadic appearances in the years since, most recently alongside Dave Thomas for a 2017 charity gig. Notably, Moranis turned down the chance to appear alongside his fellow former Ghostbusters stars in a cameo role in 2016's reboot.

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But Moranis appears to be more willing to return to the spotlight these days, and Netflix has good news concerning his participation in the SCTV special. The streaming service has now officially announced that Moranis will indeed join the line-up for the special, set to premiere in 2019. Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short and Dave Thomas have also been confirmed. Included in the special will be the live event An Afternoon with SCTV, moderated by Jimmy Kimmel, to be held Sunday, May 13 at Toronto's Elgin Theater.


In addition to his forthcoming appearance alongside his fellow SCTV alums, Moranis also appears on this week's episode of The Goldbergs, reprising the role of Dark Helmet from Spaceballs. Before becoming a movie star in comedies like Spaceballs and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Moranis was a stand-out ensemble performer on SCTV. His most famous role on the show of course was as one half of oddball beer-swilling Canadian duo Bob and Doug McKenzie, the act that introduced the term "hosers" to the lexicon. Together with partner Dave Thomas, Moranis would bring the McKenzies to the big screen for the cult classic Strange Brew, co-starring Max Von Sydow as an evil brewmeister.

Given Moranis' reluctance to step into the public eye since his abrupt retirement, it's notable that he suddenly feels comfortable revisiting his old comedic accomplishments. Of course, true fans of Moranis and his many wacky performances wish the actor would do more than just reprise old roles and reminisce about the SCTV days. But could we ever see Moranis make a full-on return to the big screen? Perhaps that's an issue he will address during the reunion special.

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