Netflix & Deadpool Creator Team Up For Extreme Universe Movies

After years in development, Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe is finally being brought to life thanks to Netflix. As the streaming giant mores more and more towards unique content, Netflix may have 700 original films and TV shows by the end of the year. Along with snatching up series and movies from other countries and greenlighting new material, Netflix is also buying as many IPs as they can get their hands on. And with how lucrative superheroes have become, the company is attempting to forge its own path soon.

Though Netflix hosts plenty of Marvel and DC content, their own batch of original comic book programming is what they truly desire. Currently, they have their Marvel co-produced shows—with Jessica Jones season 2 premiering today—bit future Marvel shows will be exclusive to Disney and their upcoming streaming service. With that in mind, the company is seeking out comics not part of the big two publishers. And their latest acquisition may just help with that given the pedigree of who's involved.

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Deadline is reporting that Netflix has inked a deal to bring Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe series of films to life. Best known for co-creating Deadpool and co-founding Image Comics, Liefeld went on to found Awesome Comics with current Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb in the '90s. Though it didn't last long, it helped birth the Extreme Universe and characters like Bloodstrike. There's no word on which characters will be making the leap from page to screen, but expect the aforementioned hero along with Bridgade, Kaboom, and Regex.

Bloodstrike from Extreme Universe

As you can tell from the names and images, Liefeld's Extreme Universe is very much a product of comics in the '90s. Between names like Bloodwulf and Battlestone and a preference for excess pouches and faceless masks, the properties may need some updating to compete with Marvel and DC. Then again, a certain self-aware absurdity could be just what the films need. After all, it's worked wonders for Deadpool across various mediums.

An Extreme Universe movie deal first popped up early last year when Liefeld paired with writer and producer Akiva Goldsman (TransformersStar Trek: Discovery). Goldsman will still be involved with the new version of the project, as he'll establish and oversee the writer's room for the shared universe of films. No other information has been revealed yet, but Netflix's rapid development model means it shouldn't be long until we hear more.

Along with the Extreme Universe deal, it's assumed a films based on Liefeld's Avengelyne comic is still in the works at Paramount. It's been two years since we heard news of the project, but it's possible it will also move to Netflix alongside the new comics. If not, the deal could push Paramount to finally begin production on the film as the studio is likely eager to have its own hit superhero franchise. For now, fans of Liefeld and his work will be glad to hear the comic book creator and Extreme Universe are getting more attention.

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Source: Deadline

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