Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow: What The Contestants Are Up To Now

With Rhythm + Flow, Netflix revolutionized the singing competition genre on television. In the series, up-and-coming hip hop artists competed for the chance of winning $250,000 with no strings attached to any record label.

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Hosted by Chance The Rapper, Cardi B, and T.I., Rhythm + Flow brought a fresh energy to the landscape of TV reality competitions. Unlike The Voice, American Idol and the likes, the series focused on challenges that actually resembled the day-to-day life of a rapper, delivering on its promise of keeping the artists on the show independent. Read below to find out what your favorites from Season 1 are up to now.

SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains spoilers regarding the placement of the contestants on Rhythm + Flow.


On Rhythm + Flow, Londynn B became popular with the songs “Only One” and “I Can’t Change.” After her time on the show, Londynn’s career skyrocketed, accumulating over 550,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Over the last few weeks, Londynn B has made several media appearances for interviews and freestyles, including features on High Off Life, Sway’s Universe, and Hoodrich Radio. As of late, the rapper is promoting her new song and music video with 2’Live Bre, “Common Sense.” She is also still promoting her Reset EP, which features bangers such as “You Gone Do What (Y G D W)” and “I Am The Great.”


Troyman was by far one of the most charismatic contestants on the first season of Rhythm + Flow, fostering great relationships with most of his peers. So it comes as no surprise that after the show, he would release a song with his colleagues from the show. To kick off the month of November, Troyman hopped on Ali Tomineek’s “All That Jazz” remix alongside Caleb Colossus.

If you watched the last episode of Rhythm + Flow, you saw Tay Keith (known for working with Drake, Eminem, and Travis Scott, among others) saying that he wanted to work with Troyman again after the show. It seems like those two are certainly still in touch and working on new music.


D Smoke on Rhythm and Flow

Since winning the first season of Rhythm + Flow, D Smoke has been killing it on the streaming platforms and on the social media game. His “Inglewood High” EP was just released on October 24, debuting at number 8 on the Rap Album Sales chart from Billboard. On Spotify, Smoke currently has over 850,000 monthly listeners.

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D Smoke has also been linking up with the connections that he made on Rhythm + Flow, like hanging out with Miguel (who is also from Inglewood), doing press with T.I., and furthering his relationship with producer Sounwave. On Instagram, he became the first contestant from the series to reach 1 million followers.


Flawless Real Talk has been hard at work since placing 2nd on Rhythm + Flow. At nearly 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, the rapper just announced that he will be performing in five U.S. cities this December, preceding a longer tour that he has planned for 2020.

All in all, Flawless Real Talk has been making the media rounds on both radio and TV to promote his work. As of late, he’s been featured on Sway’s Universe and on NBC10 Boston. The rapper also announced that he will work with United Masters to release his new material, keeping his career independent from record labels.


Caleb Colossus placed fifth on Rhythm + Flow, coming just short of making it to the Top 4. Besides his verse on Ali Tomineek’s “All That Jazz” remix alongside Troyman, Caleb has been hard at work promoting his career and making connections in hip hop.

After his very successful run on Rhythm + Flow, Caleb Colossus shared a “full circle” moment on Instagram as he was brought onto Q99.7 Atlanta as a guest, a radio station where he interned for two years.


Ali Tomineek fought his way to the Top 8 of Rhythm + Flow, becoming one of the top contestants on the series’ first season. After his time on the show, it seems like Ali became closer to Troyman and Caleb Colossus, whom he invited to join as featured artist for the remix of his song “All That Jazz.”

On Instagram, Ali Tomineek has celebrated surpassing 50,000 followers. What’s more, the rapper is close to reaching 90,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.


Since placing 6th on Rhythm + Flow, Sam Be Yourself has been working hard on new music. The rapper is currently promoting his No More Mr. Nice Raps album, even releasing music videos for the singles “One Time,” “Stereo,” and “Hold Me Down.”

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With 100,000 followers on Instagram and over 90,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Sam Be Yourself is carving his own path in the hip hop genre and reaping the benefits of his successful run on Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow.


Big Mouf’bo made a huge splash on Rhythm + Flow, ultimately earning her place in the Top 8 of the first season. After the show, the rapper has made radio appearances and been in the studio with the likes of Korporate.

On Instagram, Big Mouf’bo has also shared pictures alongside the likes of Paris Phillips and Nia Riley, both of whom are attached to the VH1 franchise Love & Hip Hop. When it comes to music, Big Mouf’bo is currently promoting her remix of “Closer,” even releasing a music video to the song on YouTube.


He may not have reached the Rhythm + Flow Top 8, but that still didn’t stop Old Man Saxon from becoming one of the most popular contestants from the show. With over 150,000 followers on Instagram and more than 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, the rapper is currently working on a new album called The Peacock Honey.

As of late, Old Man Saxon has been promoting his “Get Gone” and “Got No Chill” singles. The rapper is also headlining a live concert for the first time ever on November 14 in Denver, CO.


Sasha Go Hard already had a solid reputation as a Chicago rapper even before her time appearing on Rhythm + Flow. After being on the show, her fanbase only grew, accumulating over 110,000 followers on Instagram.

In the midst of so many interviews with radio stations and TV shows, Sasha Go Hard is currently promoting her singles “Energy” (featuring Katie Got Bandz) and “Big Bills.”

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