Netflix’s Queer Eye: 10 Times You Were Fighting Off Tears

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In a time filled with division, anger and hatred run amok, it’s incredible to see a show so hopeful and wholesome come to Netflix. Now that Queer Eye has hit its fourth season, it might be an appropriate time to discuss some of the most heartbreaking (and heartwarming) moments of the series as a whole. From miracle transformations of both self and home to tearing down mental walls in order to escape unhealthy cycles, the Fab Five have done a great job of creating a safe and positive space for growth to occur. These are the episodes that bring a tear to the eye. Whether the tear is a result triumphant stories of overcoming prejudice or simply conquering a lack of self-confidence, it’s hard holding back the tears when watching people who so clearly deserve something good finally get it.  

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10 “You Can’t Fix Ugly” (S1.E1)

If the title of his episode didn’t give it away, Tom Jackson of Dallas, Georgia did not have a very high opinion of himself before the Fab Five paid him a visit. Within the first few minutes of the show, Tom repeatedly calls himself dumb and ugly like it’s nothing. It’s not only that he has a low opinion of himself, though; the people around him also reinforce these expectations, ideas, and habits that Tom has. As the Fab Five illustrates repeatedly, Tom is a sweet and gentle person who just needed a little nudge to get in gear.  

9  “To Gay Or Not Too Gay”(S1.E4)

It seems like for most of the Fab Five, coming out was something that more or less went over pretty smoothly. Bobby mentions how comfortable he’s been with being gay for a long time now; Jonathan expresses that there was simply no hiding who he was. Anthony “AJ” Brown of Atlanta, Georgia, however, was having a hard time. Brown found it hard to let the people that were the closest to him, like his stepmother, know who he really was and the facade was beginning to take its toll. But with a little coaxing, the Fab Five managed to get him to emerge from his chrysalis. 

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8  “Below Average Joe”(S1.E7)

Jonathan Van Ness in Queer Eye

Joe Gallois, a stand-up comedian living in Atlanta, GA was already well on his way to making some massive changes. Having recently lost 115 pounds, Gallois was already mid-transformation when the Fab Five bombarded his room (in his parent’s home). Much like the previous entries, Joe was a little lacking when in the self-confidence department and simply needed a few people around him to let him know he was enough. Joe needed some help getting out of his shell and out of his parent’s home, and the Fab Five certainly gave it to him.  

7  “God Bless Gay”(S2.E1)

Tgroup head to the town of Gay, Georgia (a town with only 89 people in it) to help out Tammye find some time to take care of herself. Tammye is so involved in her community and the lives of the people in it, that she rarely leaves time for herself. So much so that during her episode, she even asks Bobby to redesign the local community center rather than focusing on her own home. The Fab Five even do their best to make her son feel comfortable at their church after moving back home from Atlanta. Having recently come out as gay, Tammye’s son, Myles did not feel welcome or comfortable going back.  

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6  “Sky’s The Limit” (S2.E5)

Having recently begun recovering from his top surgery, Skyler, a trans man, was looking to officially start his new life. But in order to do that, Skyler needed to let go of the person he was, and begin to focus on the person he has become. Skyler didn’t exactly lose sight of himself, but he certainly needed help finding the confidence to be himself. While his home has become an open house for people who have been displaced and need help, it needed to be elevated. 

5  “Black Girl Magic” (S3.E5)

After being kicked out of her home at the age of sixteen when she was outed to her homophobic parents, Jess had been on her own for around seven years by the time the guys caught up to her. It’s easy to tell by looking at her home that Jess never really allows herself to get comfortable anywhere, even in her own space. Unlike some of the other entries in this article, Jess didn’t really need any help getting comfortable with herself. She already knew who she was. What she needed was help to get comfortable in her life and with trusting people. So seeing this strong woman transform before the viewer’s eyes is one of the powerful stories of the season. 

4  “Elrod And Sons” (S3.E6) 

Just after giving birth to their second son, Rob’s wife Alison discovered that she had breast cancer. And while the young family was still rather hopeful about the prognosis, ultimately they just weren’t among the lucky couples that would make it through the other end of the disease. After Alison passed away, Rob finds himself in a bit a rut. With his kid’s grandmothers generally the people taking care of them and a big move on the horizon, Rob just needed help to get both feet out the door.  The guy’s such a sweetheart that it was a joy to watch him begin to move into the next phase of his life. 

3  “Stoner Skates By” (S4.E3)

John Stoner may not have been the burnout that many viewers may have been expecting when they saw the episode’s title, but he certainly needed some serious help. Stoner was nominated by his ten-year-old daughter Lucy, who, even at that age, could tell that her father had some serious growing up to do. The guys help him get his act together so he can start getting up early enough to make breakfast for his little girl before school. Watching his relationship with his daughter and how deeply they both care for each other is enough to make anyone pretend to have allergies. 

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2  “Oh Golden Kenny” (S4.E5)

Kenny and Akio dog in Queer Eye

Oh Golden Kenny, indeed. Kenny seems to love two things: bowling and helping out his friends. Kenny also seems to have been stuck in a rut for quite some time. While he’s dedicated his life to serving others and lending a hand whenever he can, Kenny has rarely devoted time to himself. Or even allowed others to devote time to him. The group help him to overcome his feelings of inferiority, the grief that comes with having lost people (and pets) close to you, and they even get him a new pupper. Guys...just... stop… That’s just too much emotion to lay out on an unsuspecting audience. 

1  “A Tale Of Two Cultures”(S4.E6)

Deanna Munoz of Kansas City, Missouri was a woman at war with herself. Not just with who she was a person ⁠— the vivacious Latina mother who was into lowriders and the professional businesswoman and founder of the Latino Arts Festival ⁠— but who she was hoping to become. Deanna needed to learn how to embrace her culture and herself in order to display the air or professionalism that her friends and family knew she was capable of. As Deanna steps into her role as founder for the third annual Latino Arts Festival, her professional appearance becomes more important than ever. Watching her come out on the other side beautiful, confident, and absolutely killing it is just heart-warming to watch.  

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