Netflix Profile Icons Are Getting A Fun Makeover

The streaming platform Netflix has announced that the service’s profile icons are finally getting an update. The company is approaching the five-year anniversary of its official launch of profiles and have decided that a makeover was overdue.

Netflix is well-known as one of the lead film and television streaming platforms, allowing viewers access to a wide range of media content. In August 2013, Netflix introduced their “profiles” feature, allowing up to five user profiles to be created on an individual account. The use of profiles received a largely positive response from members of the network as it allows users to create their own personal profile tailored to their individual tastes. The separate profiles allow the streaming platform to collect the viewing history of the users and recommend content they’re likely to be interested in. Not only has this helped the company create more audience engagement, it’s also allowed members to create a viewing experience that is uniquely theirs.

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Now, as Netflix is approaching the fifth anniversary since introducing the profiles feature, the platform has announced they will be rolling out a new variety of profile icons. Netflix director of product innovation, Cathy Conk, was excited to release the news that there would be an influx of new icons coming very soon. The company will be renewing and updating the current icons, meaning that the original selection will still be available, just with an upgraded look. As well as revamping the old icons, there will also be a wide range of new icon options introduced based on Netflix’s own original shows, including that of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Orange Is The New Black and Stranger Things.

Netflix logo and screen

Despite it being a total of five years since introducing the feature, Netflix is still very much promoting the convenience of the different profiles. Not only does it allow viewers to separate their interests from those of other users on the same account, it also allows them to receive individual recommendations based on the shows they already love. The company is hoping the icons will allow viewers to get even closer with their favorite fandoms and characters and make their experience all the more unique.

It’s safe to say that Netflix members have probably been waiting for the introduction of new icons for quite some time, especially with the amount of money that Netflix is investing in its original films and shows. It’s not a monumental change, but the makeover will work as a nice way to celebrate the anniversary of the profiles feature while also refreshing the look of the immensely popular streaming platform.

Users can expect to see Netflix’s new and improved range of profile icons introduced on the website, mobile, and TV devices in the upcoming few weeks.

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