Netflix Is More Popular Than Broadcast, Cable & More In TV Viewing

A recent survey reveals that more people watch Netflix for television than broadcast, cable, Hulu and YouTube. It's official: Netflix has completely changed how people watch TV.

When Netflix was founded in 1997, it focused exclusively on DVD rentals by mail, shaking up an industry that was already beginning to falter with the rise of the Internet. When Netflix began its streaming service in 2007, allowing consumers to watch movies and television shows online, everything began to change. This continued with the emergence of smart TVs and devices such as Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV, that allow consumers to watch Netflix on their big screen sets. Fast forward to today when Netflix also has a lot of its own original content, including award-winning series and original movies.

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A study done by May, Cowen & Co., as reported by Variety, shows that Netflix is now officially more popular than traditional cable and broadcast television, as well as YouTube, for viewing content on TV. This study conducted a survey of 2,500 U.S. adults who answered questions about which platforms they use most often to view video content on TV. Netflix came in at the top, with 27 percent of those surveyed choosing the streaming subscription service platform. In comparison, YouTube only came in at 17 percent, with basic cable at 12.6 percent and broadcast TV at a measly 7.5 percent. Hulu came in next to last at 7.6 percent.

The survey did show that those who subscribe to traditional pay TV still prefer that format, but Netflix still came in a close second with that group. Adults 18-34, though, showed an overwhelming preference for Netflix with nearly 40 percent of respondents choosing Netflix over other platforms. Analysts for the study wrote:

“Over the long term, assuming [Netflix] is able to continue to increasingly offer great content, this lead clearly bodes well for further value creation."

Netflix continues to pump a lot of money into its original content. The study states that the company has plans to spend $13 billion on original programming in 2018. That kind of commitment has paid off, though, considering the high numbers of people who turn to Netflix over traditional TV. It's also a sign that traditional TV will continue to suffer, unable to compete with what Netflix has to offer, both in service and price.

Netflix will continue to grow in popularity, as more shows get pushed off of network TV and picked up by the service. Just recently, Netflix picked up the canceled Fox series, Lucifer, gaining itself a reputation as a company that wants to give TV viewers the content they want to see. With television viewers growing increasingly frustrated with broadcast and cable TV, expect the popularity of Netflix to continue to rise.

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Source: Variety

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