Watch: Netflix Originals Have A New Opening Logo - Here's What It Means

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Netflix Originals now have a new opening logo, and there is some creative meaning behind its colorful design. Still maintaining the original Netflix "N," this new logo will play before every Netflix Original film or series.

Over the years, the Netflix logo has evolved considerably. In the earliest stages of the company, the logo started out with a black and purple film strap wrapping around the word "Netflix." It later shifted to include the red, black, and white palette that users are currently familiar with (the logo that was printed on Netflix's rental envelopes), and was then simplified even more in the mid-2010s. This new logo removed the black outline around the letters, opting for simple red text. That outline has been simplified even more with their newest ribbon-esque "N" logo placed against either a white or black background. Now, Netflix hasn't changed their logo, but instead added a colorful animation to it - and it's specifically for Netflix's original shows and movies.

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Netflix unveiled their newest logo on Twitter in a brief animated clip. Starting with the traditional unfolding of their "N" logo, said logo then dissolves into a series of multicolored lines as the camera pushes in closer. Brushing through a quick flash of neon lines, the lines finally disappear into a black background. Regarding the new look, Netflix captioned the animation with the following tweet:

"SOME PERSONAL NEWS: Starting today there's a new logo animation before our originals. It shows the spectrum of stories, languages, fans, & creators that make Netflix beautiful — now on a velvety background to better set the mood. And before you ask: no, the sound isn’t changing."

Within the same thread, Netflix also tweeted a GIF that serves as a visual explanation of what the colorful lines represent. Each line is meant to represent a frame of every Netflix Original, and the frames are then angled sideways so as to only project a single sliver of color from each film or show against the black background. The Netflix Original that the GIF lingers on before the animation starts is Joel and Ethan Coen's The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, which has been a recent awards favorite, earning three Academy Award nominations.

Like other streaming services, Netflix is on the verge of redefining home entertainment - if they haven't already fully accomplished it by now. With a total of 29 Oscar nominations and one win over the past two years alone, Netflix has helped usher in a new generation of entertainment. And, while it's impossible to tell how else Netflix might evolve over the years, their unique attention to detail paired with a crisp, creative aesthetic proves that they clearly know how to get people's attention.

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