15Carmen Sandiego

Forget where in the world Carmen Sandiego is going to wind up this week. Netflix has promised that in this ongoing animated series we’re going to find out all about who Carmen Sandiego is, where Carmen Sandiego comes from and exactly why Carmen Sandiego does what it is that she


It’s an origin story and probably somewhat of a reboot, though we can’t imagine it being a prequel to the 90s show (although that would be pretty cool). Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin will star as the titular hero and Stranger Things' own Finn Wolfhard is co-staring as a mysterious character known only as 'Player' to be her sidekick. No word on whether or not Rockapella will be returning to do the score, but we can’t imagine how they'd revive a show like this without bringing back one of the most iconic and memorable parts of the original.

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