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Rob Schneider as Real Rob

If you haven’t heard of this show, you’re not alone. Thirty seconds of Real Rob will explain exactly why the Netflix original series has seldom seen the light of day. Starring Rob Schneider as the eponymous hero, the eight-episode program follows the actor/writer around his Hollywood-set life. From agent

meetings to vasectomy consultations, Real Rob presents such compelling episodes titles as "The Penis Episode, Part 1,” “The Penis Episode, Part 2,” and “Gaying in Shape.” While these antics are nothing new for Schneider, the execution in Real Rob can hardly hold a candle to his former glory days.

Imagine if Curb Your Enthusiasm became a pity party for a tragically humorless Larry David. That’s Real Rob, which somehow doesn’t have an ounce of reality in it. The show isn’t just cringe worthy because its humor is stale, low-grade tripe, but because the entire premise rests on audiences sympathizing with Rob Schneider’s first-world, celebrity problems. One particularly painful scene centers on Rob suffering a barista’s wrath after giving "only" a five dollar tip for a four-dollar latte. Schneider defends his actions saying he’s tipped 125% of the original cost, but the scene screams: “Look at what I have to put up with every day!” Surely there are more subtle ways to earn an audience’s compassion.

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