What Netflix Original Series Should You Watch Based On Your Astrological Sign?

Shameik Moore in The Get Down

With Netflix constantly dumping new shows and movies on us, making a decision on what to watch is a daunting task. Should you watch that super weird, very cerebral show that your best friend won’t stop talking about? Or maybe the latest true crime docuseries mentioned on your favorite podcast? What about that new animated series people keep posting about on Tumblr? The choices are endless.

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But instead of wading through the sea of recommendations tossed your way, why not let the stars decide your viewing fate? Check out what Netflix original show you should watch based on your astrological sign below!

12. Aries - Dear White People

Dear White People Trailer

Aries are known for being fiery and adventurous, and Dear White People is both. It tackles racial politics through various interactions that take place on a college campus in a way that's sharp and witty. Like Aries, at first glance, the show can come across as a bit angry, but that's not the case at all. The show is wildly entertaining and has depth and passion, much like Aries. If you're looking for something bold, look no further than Dear White People.

11. Taurus - Voltron: Legendary Defender

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 7 Shiro Keith Hunk Pidge Lance

Sometimes we all need a heartwarming cartoon in our lives, and that's what Voltron: Legendary Defender is. Five young humans take off on an accidental adventure into space and end up as defenders of the universe. It focuses on the drama and action of course, but also on the relationships between the characters. Tauruses are hard workers but enjoy their moments of relaxation, much like the team on Voltron. It does have its flaws, but the patient Tauruses can surely forgive them and give this show some love.

10. Gemini - American Vandal

American Vandal season 2 cast

Often unfairly called two-faced, people need to give Geminis a break. And they also deserve a break. Enter American Vandal. Like Geminis, the show is oriented around a partnership and is both youthful and witty. Two high schoolers work to solve sophomoric acts of vandalism in this brilliant mockumentary. It's perfect for Geminis, who value intelligence but are also very versatile. The show satirizes true crime documentaries by coming across as rather serious while inserting as many dick jokes as possible. Truly, a masterpiece.

9. Cancer - Queer Eye

Queer Eye Netflix

Look, we all need a good cry sometimes and Queer Eye always provides. Cancers tend to be on the more emotional side of the spectrum, so they can appreciate a show like Queer Eye. On the surface, it just looks like your typical makeover show, but the Fab 5 offer so much more than that. Each episode, a lucky individual gets their entire lives turned upside down in a very good way. New hair? Check. New clothes? Check. New outlook on life? Check. Cancers are intuitive and sympathetic, much like the Fab 5, not to mention they are right there crying with you when the show gets emotional.

8. Leo - Aggretsuko


People say Leos are kind of drama queens. (Sorry, Leos.) There are many super dramatic shows on Netflix to choose from, but instead, we went with Aggretsuko. The protagonist, an anthropomorphic red panda named Retsuko, works at a Japanese trading firm and her life is very much the epitome of #thestruggleisreal. On the surface, she comes across as subdued and calm, but in reality, she's just suppressing all of her emotions deep down until she can't anymore. Her outbursts come in the form of death metal, which she sings either at a karaoke box or in a bathroom stall. The show is dramatic, but in a heartwarming kind of way, which Leos are bound to appreciate.

7. Virgo - The Crown

Via: Radio Times

6. Libra - Explained

Netflix Explained Original Series

It would have been too easy to recommend something romantic for Libras, who often get stereotyped as flirtatious, so here’s something different: Explained. Vox’s informative show about various topics from human monogamy to the K-Pop craze could be exactly what Libras need to balance their scales. More information means more weight to put on the pans, and more weight means better decisions. So why not give it a try, Libras?

5. Scorpio - Mindhunter

With season 2 of Mindhunter somewhere on the horizon, now seems like a good time to watch the first season. Scorpios especially might like show about a fictional FBI agent and the very real origins of criminal profiling in the Bureau. The protagonist gets more than a little obsessed with his serial killer subjects, which maybe Scorpios can relate to a bit (the getting obsessed part, not the serial killer part). When the scorpions get their claws in something, they don’t easily let go, which makes Mindhunter the perfect show for them. And if they finish the show quickly and still want more, there is always the real-life stuff they can dig into.

4. Sagittarius - BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman Season 5

Sarcasm comes naturally to Sagittariuses, so  BoJack Horseman is the obvious choice for our archer friends. The show is easily one of the best shows on Netflix not only because of its humor but because of its honesty. Through its protagonist, BoJack Horseman, the show tackles a lot of difficult subjects like depression and self-destructive behavior without coming across as preachy at all. The show is incredibly smart but doesn’t pull its punches, much like Sagittariuses themselves.

3. Capricorn - Patriot Act

Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj

For the hardworking Capricorns, why not a show that both entertains and informs? Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj pulls double duty as a show that is absolutely hilarious but also teaches its audience about something they might not know. Sadly, Netflix pulled one of the more hard-hitting episodes in which Hasan Minhaj talks about Saudi Arabia, but the remaining episodes are still worth the watch. Capricorns get called workaholics a lot, so they probably don't want to waste their time on any old show. Patriot Act can help them use their time wisely.

2. Aquarius - Sense8

Sense8 Finale

There really is no easy way to describe Sense8, which is maybe what Aquariuses will love about it. The gist is, 8 people are telepathically connected and through that connection, can experience each other's lives. There is a mystery/adventure aspect to the show, but the relationship between the characters is the central piece. It's what makes this "out there" show so lovable. Like Aquariuses, Sense8 thinks outside the box. Very, very outside it. Others might find it a bit too much, but Aquariuses might just fall in love with this original, free-thinking show.

1. Pisces - The Get Down

Shameik Moore in The Get Down
Shameik Moore as Shaolin Fantastic in The Get Down.

Ah, The Get Down... You were taken from us too soon. Still, just because Netflix cancels a show, that doesn't mean it isn't good. Baz Luhrmann's epic musical drama takes place in the Bronx in the late 1970s and depicts the rise of hip-hop and disco. Pisces exist in their own bubble, much like the world of The Get Down. The show is wildly imaginative and has a great soundtrack that the creative minds of our fishy friends can appreciate. Also, it stars Justice Smith of Detective Pikachu fame and Shameik Moore, aka Miles Morales, so what's not to love?


Have some better recommendations based on your own astrological sign? Let us know in the comments!

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