Sand Castle - Nicholas Hoult

War movies are a staple of Hollywood, and if done well, they can be riveting and exhilarating. Enough time has passed since the Iraq war that filmmakers are now examining the people and stories from that conflict in depth. Many of the horrors of war are universal, but viewing them

through the prism of today's modern warfare can be illuminating.

Sand Castle is interesting due to the fact that the screenplay was written by an actual Iraq War veteran, based on his experiences. It concerns a young Marine and his mates dispatched to an Iraqi town to fix a water pump damaged by U.S. bombing.

If the pump isn't repaired, the entire town will die of thirst, which is a basically a metaphor for the U.S. "cleaning up the mess" they made by going to war in the first place. The film is neither anti nor pro-war, but examines the human factor of war to good effect.


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