Netflix: The Best TV Shows & Movies This Weekend (October 18)

This week, Netflix continues bringing content for Halloween season with a horror movie, balancing it with a comedy series, and a comedy-drama movie that is already facing some controversy. Netflix has been adding a variety of content this month, and even though October is usually reserved for the horror genre, the platform has been offering a bit of everything while keeping the Halloween vibe going.

Last week was a bit more diverse, with the hip-hop talent show Rhythm + Flow, the second season of Haunted, the thriller Fractured, and the highly-anticipated El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Like every week, Netflix is not only adding fresh titles to its catalogue but also licensed content, in case you want to revisit (or watch for the first time) movies like Sinister 2, The Karate Kid, Men in Black, and Dark Crimes.

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As for new, original content, Netflix users will be able to enjoy a horror film with a familiar face from Stranger Things, Steven Soderbergh’s latest work, and a comedy series with not one, but two Paul Rudds. Here are the best TV shows and movies coming to Netflix this weekend - October 18.


Eli Netflix 2019

Netflix promised some exciting horror content for Halloween season, and Eli was part of that list. Directed by Ciarán Foy (Sinister 2), the films follows Eli, a young boy with a weird disease that’s keeping him isolated. His parents take him to a secluded clinic that promises to cure him – but the place ends up being a haunted prison, with seemingly no way out. Charlie Shotwell stars as Eli, along with Sadie Sink as Haley, Kelly Reilly and Max Martini as Eli’s parents, and Lili Taylor as Dr. Isabella Horn. If you’re in the mood for a supernatural horror story with a bit of drama, Eli will be the one for you.

The Laundromat

The Laundromat

Steven Soderbergh is a very busy man, and among his latest projects is The Laundromat, a biographical comedy-drama movie that already got its dose of controversy. It follows Ellen Martin (Meryl Streep), whose vacation takes a turn and ends up investigating some shady dealings involving a fake insurance policy and a Panama City law firm ran by Jürgen Mossack (Gary Oldman) and Ramón Fonseca (Antonio Banderas). The Laundromat was released theatrically on September 27, and although it’s dealing with a lawsuit to stop its Netflix release, the platform will continue with its plans and it will be available to watch this weekend.

Living With Yourself

Paul Rudd Living With Yourself Netflix

Two Paul Rudds sounds like fun, but in practice, it wouldn’t really be a good idea – especially if one was buried, forgotten, and replaced with the other. Living with Yourself is a comedy series created by Timothy Greenberg, about a man whose life isn’t going as he would have liked, and so undergoes a mysterious treatment that promises to give him a new life and turn him into a better version of himself. What this treatment ends up doing is creating a clone of him, and now they have to find a way to share the same life... or get rid of the other. Although it’s under the category of comedy, the Living with Yourself trailer shows there will be a lot of drama too, so it’s a good option for those who want something fun yet mysterious and with a lot of emotion.

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