Netflix: The Best New TV Shows & Movies This Weekend (November 9)

Netflix New Movies And Shows November 9

What new movies and TV shows are Netflix releasing this weekend? November is a very exciting month for the streaming service, with some major films releasing that will compete with the best big-screen offerings and the usual slew of exciting TV shows.

Already this month, we've had House of Cards' final season and Orson Welles' final film The Other Side of the Wind, and things are only speeding up from there. If you've seen both of those (and have made your way through all Netflix had to offer in October, such as The Haunting of Hill House and Daredevil season 3), then rest assured there's a whole load of news shows and movies coming to satisfy all tastes.

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From the latest Chris Pine blockbuster to some very calming British baking, here's what we recommend from Netflix's new arrivals for the weekend of November 9.

Outlaw King

The big Netflix release this week is one of their major fall releases: Outlaw King, directed by David McKenzie and starring Chris Pine. The pair previously worked together on 2016's Hell or High Water, although this couldn't be any more different; gone is the meditative view of the modern America west, replaced with a pacy historical epic telling of the Scottish rebellion led by Robert the Bruce. Pine is Bruce himself, supported by Florence Pugh as his English wife Elizabeth de Burgh, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the psychotic James Douglas, Billy Howle as the diabolical Edward, Prince of Wales and Stephen Dillane as Edward I of England.

Outlaw King premiered at TIFF 2018 to mixed reviews, after which McKenzie recut the film, removing 20 minutes to bring it in at a lean two hours. This version has received better critical attention, praised for an amazing single-take opening and the authenticity of the period aesthetic. It's also made headlines for a brief full-frontal nude scene from Pine.

Watch: Outlaw King's Trailer

Medal of Honor

Medal Of Honor Netflix Series

On the TV side, Netflix's major original series is the documentary show Medal of Honor. As the title indicates, the series focuses on the brace servicemen award the US military's highest award. Spanning the 20th Century to take in World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam and Afghanistan and covering subjects from all across America, the stories will be told using archive footage and modern recreations, giving an intimate look at the lives of these real heroes.

The Great British Baking Show

The Great British Bake Off Cutting Cake

It may be getting cold outside, but the hot tent of The Great British Show will always be inviting. The latest season of The Great British Bake-Off just finished airing in the UK, and is making the jump to the US via Netflix this weekend. If you're a fan, you'll know what expect by now: against-the-clock technical challenges, elaborate showstoppers, fun-and-games from the hosts, emotionally-wrung-out bakers and, if they're lucky, a handshake from Paul. If you've never seen an episode, a new season may be the perfect way to start.

Just be careful: as the new season finished recently in the UK, spoilers for who wins are out there.

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Westside Netflix

Described by Netflix as The Hills meets La La Land with more edge, Westside is Netflix's latest reality series, following a group of musicians as they try to break big in LA. Not just about the drama, the show features the young artists in high-end music videos, giving a taste of the stardom they're hunting for. It's received positive comparisons to fellow music-based reality shows, so could easily become a long-running hit.

Also New On Netflix This Week

As well as our picks, there's a wealth of original and other new content on Netflix this weekend. Already up earlier this week is John Leguizamo's Latin History for Morons, a stand-up special from the Ice Age star challenging the myths around Latino history. On Friday, there's Colombian thriller La Reina del Flow about a disgraced songwriter enacting revenge, and Super Drags, a Portuguese animated comedy about superhero drag queens.

In terms of non-original content coming to Netflix, there's Ellen Page horror Into the Forest and Gus Van Sant's reviled The Sea of Trees starring Matthew McConaughey.

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