Netflix: Every New TV Show & Movie This Weekend (November 30)

Netflix New Releases November 30

Netflix is gearing up for the holiday season with A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding and Angela's Christmas this weekend, along with F is for Family season 3 and some other new shows and movies.

Last week, Netflix celebrated Thanksgiving with the release of another Christmas movie, the Kurt Russell-starring The Christmas Chronicles. There are also some major new releases coming up in December, like Andy Serkis' Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle and a new adaptation of Watership Down. While you wait for those, though, here are some new titles that you can check out right now!

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F is For Family Season 3

F Is For Family Season 3

Bill Burr and Michael Price's 1970s-set animated sitcom F Is For Family returns for another season, with Burr as the voice of family patriarchy Frank Murphy. Season 3 sees executive producer Vince Vaughn join the cast as Frank's new pal, an Air Force pilot called Colonel Chet Stevenson.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

A Christmas Prince The Royal Wedding

This has been a big year for Netflix romcoms, and it wouldn't be Christmas without a cheesy holiday-themed romance movie. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is a sequel to last year's A Christmas Prince, which starred iZombie's Rose McIver as a journalist who goes undercover for a story on the crown prince of Aldovia. The Royal Wedding's title is a bit of a giveaway as to how the first movie ends, but at least now that both are on Netflix you can watch them back-to-back.

Angela's Christmas

You may remember Angela's Ashes, the 1996 adaptation of the memoir of the same name by Frank McCourt, which told the story of McCourt's childhood in the poverty-stricken Irish city of Limerick. Angela's Christmas is a more family-friendly affair, inspired by a story that McCourt's mother told to him when he was a child. Set in the 1910s, Angela's Christmas sees well-meaning Irish youngster Angela "rescuing" the baby Jesus from a nativity display in the church, so she can bring him home and give him a proper family Christmas.

Other Releases This Week

1983 - This alt-history thriller series is set in a world where a conspiracy kept the Iron Curtain in place.

Baby - An Italian TV show that follows a group of wealthy teens at a high school in Rome, as they search for identity and independence.

Nicky Jam: El Ganador - A Spanish-language biographical TV series about the life of reggaeton singer Nicky Jam.

Rajma Chawal - An Indian Netflix Original movie about a young aspiring musician whose strict father catfishes him in an effort to figure out how to repair their relationship.

The World is Yours - A French gangster is desperate to escape the world of crime that he inhabits, but needs to pull off one last job first.

Tiempo Compartido - Time Share is a Mexican thriller about a husband and father who begins to suspect a sinister conspiracy after being forced to share his holiday house with another family.

Death by Magic - English magician Drummond Money-Coutts performs a series of deadly stunts around the world, including being chained underwater in a car.

Spy Kids: Mission Critical Season 2 - The animated kids TV show based on the popular movies returns for a second season.

Happy as Lazzaro - This Cannes Film Festival favorite is about an Italian sharecropper whose life is changed when he meets a nobleman with a strange request.

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